Copenhagen Watches: Miss Johansson, a Fiat 500 and China export

The story behind Copenhagen Watches begun 5 years ago, where a young girl from Hornbaek in Denmark fulfilled her dream about being self employed.

The final destination of this journey is probably many years ahead, but so far it has taken her from webpage production, marketing services, jewelry design to watch design and manufacturing of her elegant, minimalistic women's watches and men's watches - designed with her very own ideas and with a 'raw' and special look.

How it all started

Mai Johansson, the 28 year old women behind Copenhagen Watches, graduated from the design & business class on Copenhagen Business Academy with focus on entrepreneur skills.

Heavily inspired from her education, she became self employed as 23 year old, and the first couple of years she spent travelling from her home in Helsingor to Copenhagen in a Fiat 500 that carried her company logo.

Mai helped customers making web pages and designing graphical elements as well as helping them with their marketing efforts and it was actually a coincidence that she began designing jewelry and - later on - watches:

'I always knew I wanted to design, create and be creative. I've designed some bracelets for myself, and when I posted them on a small jewelry blog I had, several people asked where they could buy the bracelets', Mai tells - with a nostalgic glimpse in her eyes.

Mai from Copenhagen Watches

Jewelry design in Mai Copenhagen

The demand for her bracelets initiated the foundation of Mai Copenhagen, which is the jewelry company Mai has had for four years.
Her jewelry design is inspired from different cultures around the world - but that didn't quite fit into the ideas that Mai had about designing watches. She wanted a stylish and simple Danish / Scandinavian watch design.

Copenhagen Watches - watches design around the Danish flag

Attending an exhibition in Sweden, Mai was headhunted to design a watch for another company, and this finally convinced her to launch her very own watch brand.
'I really want to make watches in a timeless design - a watch that can be carried for the many years to come - and a watch that is typically Danish - but with it's own look and feel to it', Mai continues.
The watches are very characteristic as they all carry the Copenhagen Watches logo that consists of the name in semi-bold writing as well as a black and white edition of the Danish flag. Mai elaborates that this flag design could also be the Swedish flag - put this just underlines the statement about Danish and Scandinavian design.
Copenhagen Watches - Sport chrono rosegold

The Classic collection - a design watch as a statement

The first collection was the Classic collection that comes in different colors. All watches in this collection are quite thin and simple and carry a mesh strap and a big flag symbol filling out the watch dial.
As Mai mentions, this is an obvious statement to her dedication and inspiration. The watch is considered very 'Danish', and her logo also shows on the crown.
The thoughts behind Copenhagen Watches is to make beautiful and distinctive watches at a fair price for everyone to buy, and Mai is very passionate about this.
Later the Casual collection was introduced. It's a bit more raw and semi classic. The dials in the Casual collection are made out of one giant piece of steel that is being scratches and coated.
The Sport collection has chronographs, and these models are a bit thicker and gives the watch it's sporty and active look and feel, which suits both women and particularly men - and looking at the Sport chrono rose gold you find a fantastic combination of matt rose gold with a brown strap and dial.

China - here she comes!

Mai's cousin has entered Copenhagen Watches as well and through a chinese contact they are now preparing to enter the Chinese market. This is quite rare, at we normally see import from China - but in this case they are offered Danish design quality watches.
The future is bright and exiting - and you'll find all the watches from Copenhagen Watches at - enjoy shopping
Copenhagen Watches: Miss Johansson, a Fiat 500 and China export