What is the difference between expensive and cheap watches?

Both in the shop at authentic.dk and in other shops you can buy watches within a price range from around €80 up to €800.

I'm often asked the question: What's the difference between expensive and cheap watches?

The movement - a central part

wrist watch consists of a lot of small parts, and for every part or component there are thousands of options when the watch is designed and manufactured.

The movement is often a central part of the functionel watch design. Rougly speaking you can split the movement into quartz movements, which are movements driven by a small battery - and mechanical movements driven by traditionel springs that work by their movements to keep the clock running.

Quartz movements

Quartz movements er cheap to produce and very reliable. You just have to change battery every second or third year and there is nothing more to worry about.

The watches with quartz movements at authentic.dk are typically equpped with high quality movements from Japan or Switzerland, because even if the quartz movements are cheap to produce, there are certainly differences in the quality and reliabilty between the quartz movement vendors.

Mechanical movements

A mechanical movement is made like it was invented and manufactured back 'in the old days'. Springs and a lot of other small, mechanial parts give these watches a very authentic impression. You often see watches with mechanial movements, where you can peak into the watch 'engine' which by itself is a cool design feature.

Mechanical movements are far more complicated to manufacture and hence also more expensive to use in watch. Typically, a mechanical movement has bigger time loss and is less reliable than a quartz movement. On the other hand, you get 'the real deal' when buying a watch with a mechanical movement - and you pay a bit more for that.

Nordgreen Infinity

Watch: Nordgreen Infinity - stål

The strap

Typically you categorize watches in three different categories, when it comes to straps:  watches with leather strapswatches with mesh straps (a thind, flexible steel strap) and watches with steel bracelets.
You can't say that any one of those options is always more expensive to produce than others but there are often higher manufacture costs associated with steel bracelets.
Leather straps come in many different grades of quality, thickness and softness. Most straps are stiched at along the edges of the strap - like the  watches from Norlite. These type of straps take longer to manufacture than the straps that are 'clean' and not stitched.

Stitched leather strap

The watch glass

All watches at authentic.dk carry mineral glass or sapphire glass. Sapphire glass is extremely durable and resistant to scratches. That's also why it's more expensive to produce than mineral glass, which can still resist a lot - but is not as scratchproof agains scratches as the sapphire glass.

However, there are watch models where the mineral glass is chosen as a design option, even if the sapphire glass is more durable.

Other elements

There are a lof of different factors to take into consideration, when you manufacture a watch, so I've just highlighted some of the key elements.

Of course, it's also of big importance the amount of watches, you order to be manufactured, if the entire watch case should be in stainless steel, and whether the case and buckle should be covered og plated with e.g. gold or left in the original stainless steel look.

Finally there is the manufacture process from A to Z where hours after hours are spend hand polishing the case, quality checking all parts of the watch and make sure that all elements, boxes, manuals etc. are in perfect shape.

It's no problem to find extremely cheap and nice watches, mass produced and designed to obtain a low price, but often you get the quality, you pay for - just like with other things.

I hope this guide helped you a bit in your quest for your next watch - whether it will be a cheap or a more expensive one - and remember I sell  watches in different price ranges at authentic.dk

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What is the difference between expensive and cheap watches?