What is the difference between men's watches and women's watches?

A lot has happened within the watch area the last decades.

Once  men's watches were typically around 34-36 mm in case width while women's watches were smaller - around 30 mm.

Is there any difference in watch sizes today?

Today the difference is very much non-existing, and the phrases 'men's watches' and 'women's watches' are now typically used only when there is something about the design that really favor  either men or women.

There is a lot of unisex watches on the market today - typically sized 38-42 mm in case diameter - and they can both be carried by either men or women.

Speaking of watches - it's much more important which taste you have and what kind of design your prefer than the size or the 'sex' of the watch.

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A watch is a piece of jewelry

Before we entered the area with smartphones and tablets, the watch was typically used as a handy tool to know the time of the day - but today the watch has more and more become a way of matching your outfit and letting people know, which type of design your prefer.

Especially for men the wristwatch is important as an accessory, as we men do not have many other options to wear accessories to show our personality.

So no matter if your're looking for a watch for everyday use, for festive events, for swimming, for work or some other occasion, it's mainly about choosing the watch you like - and not to look at how it's 'categorized'.

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What is the difference between men's watches and women's watches?