How do I change the battery in my watch?

You can choose to visit the local watchmaker and pay him €20 / $30 to change the battery - BUT - you could also choose to change it yourself with the feeling afterwards that you actually did it :)

The majority of the  men's watches and women's watches at has a backside of the dial that is 'snapped' on the case which does not require special tools to disassemble.

Just like in the guide ' How do I change my watch strap', Max and Mathias from have been so kind to let me use their photos.

How to change the battery on your watch

1. Disassemble the braclet (if it's a steel bracelet watch)

To make the job easier - you can dissemble the bracelet, if the watch has a steel bracelet. There is a little split in the bracelet by the lock, and with a pointed object - e.g. a needle or the point of a pen - you can push the spring at the end of the split and thereby disassembling the braclet.

Disassemble the bracelet

2a. Back side case without screws: Remove the back side case by prying it softly

You can use a pointed small knife or something alike to lift the back side case from the watch. The illustration shows a knife working directly on the back side, but it's a good idea to put a thin piece of clothing/fabric between the knife and the watch, so you don't risk scratching the watch.
Find the small 'pocket' on the back side case, where you can place the tool/knife to lift the back side case.
Remove the back side case by gently lifting it off

2b. Back side case with screw function: Remove the back side case with a special tool.

If your watch has a back side case that is tightened by screwing it on (e.g. diving watches), you need a special tool / screwdriver to get the back side off.
You can e.g.  buy this tool on eBay for a price around €1,5 / $1,5 - and you can use this to set the correct distance in order to unscrew the back side case.
Remove the back side case with a special tool

3. Remove the battery and replace it

By pushing gently on the spring that holds the battery, you can get the battery out and replace it. Remember to replace it with a battery of the same model and specifications.
Replace the battery

4. Reverse the operation

It's not that difficult as it sounds - just do it all backwards. Mount the back side case with an easy pressure (or screwing it on). If the steel bracelet is disassembled, you can push the spring on the split and assemble the bracelet again.
Then you have to set the time and enjoy your watch.

Do it all backwards

Remember this guide works both for  men's watches and women's watches.

How do I change the battery in my watch?