How do I change a watch strap?

Today a wrist watch is a piece of jewellery and an accesory just like the other things we use to match our outfit.

Both  men's watches and women's watches come with many different type of straps, and if you have a bit patience and practical skills, you can easily change the watch strap yourself, so the watch can be ready for both party and everyday use.

How to change the watch strap

Mathias and Max from have made a nice and simple guide to change the strap of your watch, and they've allowed me to borrow their photos.

Step 1 - disassemble the old strap / bracelet

If you have a watch with a steel bracelet, you do yourself a favour by splitting up the bracelet in two parts - in that way it's easier to proceed the job of changing the strap (Step 1A - if you have a leather strap - go to Step 1B)

Step 1A

On one side of the buckle use a pointed object to press the spring bar to loosen the bracelet - see the two photographs just below (on the picture the bracelet is already split in two as described above).

How to change your watch strap

Steel bracelet split in two parts

Steel bracelets often have a little hole you have to press a pointed object into - in order to press out the spring bar keeping the bracelet attached to the watch.

Step 1B

If you have a leather strap on your  men's watch (or women's watch), I'll recommend that you find a thin, pointed but also a bit flat object (maybe the point of an old kitchen knife).

Then you need to squeeze this knife or tool in between the strap and the watch lugs (the ones that the strap is attached to at the watch).

Now carefully press the spring bar towards the middle of the strap, and with a little luck the split will jump out of the hole in the lug, and the strap is free.

See the picture below (example with steel bracelet).

There is also a nice  video guide on YouTube.

Disassembling a steel bracelet

Step 2 - Mount the new strap

The new strap is mounted on the split you just pullet out - and then you're ready to mount the strap and split on the watch lugs again.
The easiest way to do this is by placing one end of the split in one of the lug holes - and then use your tool / knife to press the spring bar in the other end towards the middle of the strap, so the other end of the split can be gently pushed into the other lug hole.
Changing a watch strap
It is important to notice the click sound indicating that the split is correctly mounted into both lug holes.
If you mount a nato strap, you just have to mount the splits without strap and then attach the nato strap afterwards.
Now your new strap is mounted - congratulations :)
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How do I change a watch strap?