LLARSEN / Larsen Watches - kick-started by the great grand children 100 years later

The story about LLARSEN / Larsen Watches goes almost 100 years back even though the company itself is quite newly founded. It's the story about an old sailor with a passion for watches, a world ward, a great grandson and a clear, Danish vision which all ends up with the ingredients of a real and genuine Danish watchmaker.

First generation of passion for watches

Lars Larsen the 1st was a sailor - with a great passion for watches and solid design. He had a dream to become a large and well known watchmaker.

In 1919 he founded a company to design and manufacture watches - but as many others he too ran into different kind of challenges in the 1920'es and 1930'es - both because of the worsening global economy but also because he spent a lot of time on the sea, which made company communication and coordination of the activities back in Denmark difficult to master.

That is also why his passion and dream never came true - until almost 100 years later...

Larsen Watches

It stays in the family

In 2012, the great grandson - also named Lars Larsen - and partners revived the Danish production of wrist watches under the company name Larsen Watch.

Not much has changed in their concept - compared to the thoughts of Lars Larsen the 1st: the Danish watches from Larsen Watches are Danish designed, manufactured and tested in Svendborg, Denmark and also sold from the headquarter located in the southern part of Fyn.

Therefore, it's one of the very few Danish brands - if not the only one - that can brand itself with watches 100% made in Denmark.

"I have the same great passion for watches and the desire to deliver something unique and Danish as my great grandfather had, and that's why it was an obvious choice to continue his mission", Lars Larsen describes the idea of reviving 'the old dream'.

High quality and lifetime warranty

One of the really important criteria for a watch from Larsen Watches is the high quality. This means they can offer lifetime warranty on the vital parts of the watch.

The watches are manufactured and tested on the factory in Svendborg, Denmark - and the clockworks are normally acquired from top vendors in Japan and Switzerland.

The factory itself is a marvelous sight, and when you see the watches go through the different processes in the factory you really know they've been made with love to make sure that the watch will meet the standards - both when it comes to modern design and quality.

"We're distributing around 4.000 watches each month - so it's a vital part of the business to secure a high degree of quality - and to make sure, that the watch will live up to the customer expectations", Lars Larsen tells.

Larsen Watches

Worldwide success

The majority of the watches from Larsen Watches are sold outside Denmark, and there is high demand for the splendid design and the history of the watches across the globe.

A strong focus on social media is helping to spread the words of the popular watch from Denmark all around the world.

In 2018 Larsen Watches changed their name to LLARSEN.

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LLARSEN / Larsen Watches - kick-started by the great grand children 100 years later