What is the difference between watch straps?

There are many different terms mentioned about watch straps, when it comes to both  men's watches and women's watches.

You should always buy the watch you've fallen in love with - but I think it's nice to know exactly what you buy, the advantages and disadvantages.

I'll try to give you a very short overview of the different types of watch straps.

Different type of watch straps

Watches with leather straps is a very common type of watch - the same counts for watches with steel bracelets. However, you can also find watches with mesh straps.

A mesh strap is often made in steel, but where the regular steel bracelet is quite heavy - the mesh strap is thinner, more flexible and very easy to adjust.

Amongst watches with leather straps you'll sometimes find straps that are 'edge-stitched'. This means that the strap is stitches together along the edges of the strap.

Normally this means the strap would lasts longer than a regular leather strap without stitching. On a regular strap the edges are glued together and may eventually be worn and ready for replacement after a couple of years.

Stitched leather strap
On some watches you can also find nato straps. They are made of nylon and can be found in a lot of different color combinations. The nato strap is very easy to mount - and the way it's mounted ensures that you wont' drop the watch in case the strap rattles loose.
It's also worth mentioning the silicone strap. This kind of strap is suitable for active use / sporty use, as they are very flexible and not easily affected by water and sweat.
Here you'll find some links to watches with different types of straps - enjoy shopping :)

What is the difference between watch straps?