What is the difference between watch cases?

The watch case is a rather central part of the watch, as the case holds all the vital parts.

The watch case comes in different shapes and colors and in different materials.

The case material

All watches at authentic.dk - both  men's watches and women's watches - come with a case in stainless steel. However, the case of the unique watches in the Vejrhoj Nautic collection has a combination of wood and steel.

The shape of watch cases in general can be more or less round, oval and maybe sometimes cylindrical.

New York Incredibles

Men's watches from New York Incredibles

Almost all watches in the shop is made of the stainless steel grade 316, which is a very high quality steel - and some are even 316L, which is an even higher quality.
At some of the cheaper models you might find that only the backside of the case is stainless steel - to keep the costs down. 
You can also find cases in regular gold, silver, platinum and titanium, but most of these choices are typically seen in very expensive watches, which you won't find here at authentic.dk

Color and design

The stainless steel cases are often plated or coated with a very thin layer of gold or rose gold - to give the exclusive look.
You can also find black cases, which are also coated with a thin layer of black 'powder' to give the smooth, dark look.
What is also important to look at, is how the steel is processed on the watch case. Typically the steel is either shiny polished, matt, brushed or a combination of these options - and it's a way for the designers to give the watch their very own look and feel.
As an example, all  Norlite watches are hand polished.

Wrist watches at authentic.dk

At authentic.dk you can search for watches based on the case type - and here are some quick links to get you going - enjoy!
What is the difference between watch cases?