What is a chronograph?

A chronograph is an instrument used to measure the time, it takes to get from the beginning to the end. A chronograph is therefore a kind of stop watch, and in  wrist watches it's used to measure different timing intervals.

What does chronographs look like?

Some watches have an extra small dial inside the primary watch dial - and this dials is called a chronograph.
Which type of time interval the chronograph measures can be different but is typically seconds, minutes or hours.

Chronograph watches with one or two buttons

Some watches control all chronograph functions in one button.
This means that when you press a button, the counter starts until you press the button again. A third push on the button resets the chronograph.
Other watches have one button to start and stop and another one for resetting the chronograph.
Finally there are some more advanced chronographs - called 'fly back' chronographs, where one button both starts, stops, resets and restarts on the same time, which is very handy if you use the watch to measure several time intervals in a row.
Copenhagen Watches med kronografer

Additional chronographs in the primary watch dial

In some watches there can be more than one chronograph in the watch dial - e.g. in the  Copenhagen Watches ROPE.
It's typically chronographs handling seconds, minutes and hours - and some watches even handle days and months too.
Chronographs do have a practical purpose to measure time - but in modern design the chronographs are more used as a part of the watch design to give the watch a sporty and active look.
However, on the more expensive diving watches and sporty watches chronographs have a more important function, as they are often used by professionals.
On most of the watches at authentic.dk you won't see chronographs, as the Danish and Nordic design styles are very minimalistic in their expression.
Enjoy shopping - no matter if you're looking for  men's watches or women's watches.
What is a chronograph?