Nordgreen - a Danish watch brand supporting a good cause

It all began as a man-to-man talk about becoming an entrepreneur - but after having spent the entire full time employee bonus on an expensive watch, Vasilij and Pascar decided to go 'all-in' with a clean concept: a Danish designed watch by a well-known Danish designer combined with the opportunity to support a good cause globally.

From career hot shots to entrepreneurs

Both Vasilij and Pascar had nice full time career jobs at big companies, but they simply couldn't forget their mutual dream about creating a global growth adventure by combining their passing for watches, entrepreneurship and CSR (corporate social responsibility).

"The opportunity to make a difference in the world, create jobs and launch a global company were the primary factors that inspired us", Pascar tells.

They met during their education at Aalborg University in 2010 - and seven years later they were ready to follow the dream.

Pascar and Vasilij from Nordgreen ure

Well-known designer to globalize the brand

The two guys collaborated with the famous dsigner Jakob Wagner, who was assigned the task to create a typical Danish designed watch yet with a global focus. Through the years, Jakob Wagner has worked as a designer for both Bang & Olufsen, Muuto, Hay and Alessi, and with the three Nordgreen models Philosopher, Infinity and Native, he has managed to make sleak, minimalistic watches that still carry their own, distinctive elements.

Men's watches and women's watches in Danish design

All three models come in two sizes to make the Nordgreen watches fit both men and women.

The Philosopher is characterized by a watch dial split in two and a conical watch case. The Infinity model has no 'outer lugs' which makes it look as if the strap goes behind the watch, and the Native model is the classic and stylish model, which you also find at other brands such as Daniel Wellington.

"Our watches are fashion watches in the price range around 135 - 200 euro, where you'll also find models from other, bigger brands. We wish to add something extra to the fasion watch-industry - and that's why you can support a good cause, when you buy a Nordgreen watch", Pascar continues.

Nordgreen Philosopher - gun metal

Watch: Nordgreen Philosopher gun metal with brown strap

Support a good cause by your own choice

Nordgreen has pre-selected three exiting and good causes, you can support, when you buy a Nordgreen watch. You can choose between supporting:

  • 1 month of education for a child in India
  • 2 months of clean water for a person in Central Africa
  • Preservation of 20 square meters of rain forest in Latin America

When you buy a Nordgreen watch, you both give something for yourself and others.

Kickstarter top-10 campaign

Nordgreen managed to collect around 200.000 euro with their Kickstarter campaign, and they reached their target of 133.000 euro within just two hours. This makes Nordgreen one of the most succesful, European kickstarter campaigns with the 'fashion' category.

They have customers all over the world, and everybody has really appreciated the Danish design combined with the ability to do something extra to help other people around the world. Maybe your next watch is also a Nordgreen watch?

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Nordgreen - a Danish watch brand supporting a good cause