A copy or just being unimaginative?

One of the big topics in the different boards and groups around microbrands (small watch brands doing their own watches - mostly high quality but at a fair price) is Paul Rich.

Paul Rich is a big 'watch brand' represented in many webshops around the world.

Men's watches from New York or Warszawa?

The story behing Paul Rich seems to be something with a little pop-up store in New York. The brand really communicates their strong, urabn NY lifestile that was initiated by a 'little watch stand'.

However, the brand is 100% Polish, founded in Poland and is run from Polan (although they have a US company to handle the sales in USA).

Of course it sounds a lot better to communicate Madison Avenue than a side street in Saska Kȩpa…

A copy or just lack of ingenuity?

One of the newest models from Paul Rich is the Star Dust. The design looks good and I'm sure the model will be a success.

Only trouble is that the watch has a lot of similiarities with an existing model - StarDust - from Balticus Watches.

Balticus Watches is a microbrand and they are renowned (in the microbrand community) for their great designs and a high level of quality.

As you can see in the picture below, it's hard to spot any differences without really zooming in.

And Balticus Watches - they are also from Poland.

Paul Rich vs Balticus Watches

Unusually little interaktion on Instagram

Paul Rich has almost 80.000 followers on Instagram. The majority of these came within very short time after the brand was launched.
What puzzles me is that - on a good day - they'll get 10 commencts on their posts, which is quite unusual with 80.000 real and verified followers...
Det unikke logo

A few thoughts on their logo

If you take a look at their logo, I'll have to admit - once more - that I'm not impressed about the creativity.
Of course, being in the same league as Rolls Royce secures a certain level of prestige - but I really would have expected them to choose something more unique.
Envy is an ungly thing. Paul Rich has done well in their own way. They've created a big brand with a high level of awareness.
But now you know a bit more about their background (seen from my perspective) for selling and branding wristwatches.
Small microbrands go 24 hours a day all-in both financially and with their hearts to create something unique, different and fantastic watches to give you a watch that by far surpasses your expectations.
Support those who are really trying to make a difference - and who carries the genuine and authentic.
A copy or just being unimaginative?