Tycho Brahe Watches - astronomical Danes

The astronomical watch brand Tycho Brahe Watches is the story about two guys from the eastern part of Jylland (Jutland) with a passion for Danish history, vintage design and cool wrist watches and with a will to show what Danish design can offer.

Kasper and Jens founded Tycho Brahe Watches in 2016, and in the same year they launched their first collection - Nova Stella (new star) - but they actually wanted to name their company and watch brand something quite different.

King Christian X was not allowed

'Our first though was actually to name the brand after King Christian X because we wanted to signal something great, magnificent and very Danish', Kasper informs about the first step they took when founding the company and brand.

'However, we soon discovered that the Royal Family holds the right to use all names of kings throughout the history, so we had to rethinkt it", Kasper laughs.

Together with Jens they were inspired by the story about Tycho Brahe - the famous Danish astronomer, who was a very special character with a lot of anecdotes connected to him.

Designer casting

Kasper and Jens had some clear ideas about how the watch should be designed, and when they began searching for a designer they chose to do a casting at the School of Designs in Kolding, Denmark.

Several students participated in the casting, and after having picked a few to go through to an interview, it became very to Jens and Kasper that Asbjørn Mejlvang was the right guy for designing the watches.

"Asbjørn came with a concept that covered all aspects of the design and with a clear, Danish inspired design based on the story of Tycho Brahe", Kasper tells about the model Nova Stella - a fantastic watch with a 42 mm case - a size that fits both men and women, no matter if you're looking for a cool watch with leather band or mesh band.

Danish designed watches

About making the leap

When you want to manufacture a watch, it's a process that takes a long time. After doing some heavy research, Kasper and Jens chose to cooperate with a vendor in Hong Kong - a vendor who has also cooperated with big, Danish brands.

"It's all about faith. To have faith in what you're doing and to trust the people that are going to manufacture your watches - that they too have the right passion", Kasper continues.

Together with Jens they began constructing samples, testing, adjusting, resampling and then several months later - they finally had the finished product in their hands.

"It has been a very exiting journey and we're really happy with the result so far", Kasper tells and points out that Nova Stella is only their first collection with many more already planned.

Tycho Brahe and his cuddle moose

You just can't talk to Jens and Kasper without the guys telling a couple of the anecdotes surrounding Tycho Brahe.

The story is that he had a cuddle moose that once got so drunk that it fell down the stairs and died - and that many of his crazy and phenomenal ideas came with the help from a psychic dwarf!

No matter what'st true and what's just a good story, you can be absolutely sure to get a really nice and high quality watch where you feel the passion on the elegant and aesthetically designed watch.

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Tycho Brahe Watches - astronomical Danes