Danish design watches

Check out the huge selection of men's and women's watches. You'll find wrist watches for any occasion - whether you're looking for men's leather strap watches, women's leather strap watches, dress watches, casual watches or watches that stand out, you have a great chance at finding it in the assortment. 

You will find several Danish brands like Borgvardt, Copenhagen Watches, LLARSEN, Norlite and Tycho Brahe Watches, and I'm sure you'll find the right watch for you. 


Danish designed wrist watches

At authentic.dk you will find a selection of small and independent Danish brands that offer unique Danish design watches - rarely seen anywhere else.

In the collection, you can discover wrist watches for both men and women that catch the eye’s attention, thanks to the up-and-coming and unique brands behind them.

At the same time, all customers are offered free worldwide shipping along with a highly regarded service. We also give our customers the option of getting their watch price matched at our site if a price of the same watch is cheaper somewhere else. Of course, there are many more great reasons to buy a watch at authentic.dk. Take a look below and get inspired :)

Danish design watches that makes you happy

Perhaps you’re in search of Danish design watches that can be used on all occasions – or maybe you’re looking for the perfect gift for a special someone, a jubilee or a graduate student? A beautiful watch is the perfect Christmas gift too in our opinon. No matter the occasion, you will definitely find a wrist watch that matches your wishes and requirements at authentic.dk.

When looking at a watch, we often – completely unknowingly – get inspired, happy or motivated if the watch is in a personal and uplifting design. This is another reason why it’s always a good idea to choose a good quality-watch that fits one’s personal style. Our watches go perfectly as accessories or jewelry statements too.

Small brands build upon passion

Small watch brands tend to have a bigger passion for creating something unique and artistic. The watches at authentic.dk are created by entrepreneurs and designers who have had the desire to present their story through unique design techniques.

We offer designers like Borgvardt, where only 100 watches are produced per model, and watches from Norlite signify an amazing attention to luxurious details through small facets integrated in the dial frame. These details are not always visible in photos – but we can promise you, that you will be pleasantly surprised by how much more beautiful your new watch is in real life.

Wrist watches in all sizes

At authentic.dk you have several size options to choose from. The watches range from anywhere between 32 and 48 mm in diameter. Today it is increasingly common for women to wear bigger watches, thanks to a more masculine and minimalistic fashion development among women. It has almost become a fashion statement for women to wear chunky and masculine watches. Tycho Brahe Watches offer stunning women’s watches in a pretty big diameter of 42 mm - that still looks great on a women’s wrist.

However, it might be a good idea for women with smaller wrists to choose a watch that measures around 30-35 mm.

Men’s watches have also grown in size. 50 years ago, a typical men’s watch measured around 35 mm in diameter. Today this size has increased to 40-42 mm.

What type of watch should I buy?

We often hear the question above. Choosing the right watch is completely dependent on your individual style and requirements. Whether you like watches with leather straps a perhaps prefer a thin mesh strap, you are sure to find it in the collection of quality brands. The simple and minimalistic design is a strong hallmark in Danish artistry, which is very evident in the selection of watches from Denmark.

Among women’s watches you will find watches in gold-look; a classic model variant that is beautifully timeless.

Both men’s and women’s watches at authentic.dk are divided into categories. This way you can easily find the type of watch you’re looking for. If in doubt you are more than welcome to contact me. We will help with personal advice to the best of our ability.

What are the shipping costs?

All watches are shipped completely free. You have 14 days to decide whether you want to keep the watch or not if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase.

If you have bought the watch as a gift, we are more than happy to extend your withdrawal right. Simply put a note in the box explaining when you ordered the watch when sending it back to authentic.dk.

Why buy a watch from authentic.dk?

When shopping at authentic.dk, you are ensured the best customer’s service on the market. authentic.dk is owned by Kenneth Bon Nielsen, who’s passion for great quality watches means that you will receive brilliant service at all times.

When you choose to purchase a men’s or woman’s watch at authentic.dk, you support new entrepreneurs and designers, who have great passion for creating amazing watches. Denmark has a very rich and well-known history in design, and you will get a very unique watch in strong Danish quality once you choose to order at authentic.dk.

Danish watch supplier

We exclusively sell watches of the highest quality possible - from Danish suppliers build upon rich and creative stories behind them.

We have regular contact with our suppliers and designers, which is why the whole shop is characterized by transparent, easy, credible and enjoyable navigation.

Denmark is the epicenter of timeless, elegant and detailed design. This is very evident in authentic.dk’s wide selection of watches from Danish brands. In the collection, you will find beautiful Danish design in high quality at a price where everyone can join.