AWAKE watches - sustainable watches

AWAKE Watches are the first watch brand to really go all-in on sustainability.

The watches are driven by solar powered movements never in need of new batteries.

The straps are made of recycled plastic bottles from the ocean or from vegetable cellulose fibres, and the watch case is made from recycled steel or even recycled fishing nets!.

The watch dial is kept simple with it's organic shape.

Fred and Lilllian - the two French founders of the brand - have created an impressively honest watch with a 100% focus on sustainability while at the same time giving you a very unique watch you won't see everyday.

AWAKE Watches - a focus on sustainable watches

AWAKE is the first watch brand to really take sustainability seriously. With their focus on recyclable materials - especially plastic from the oceans - they’ve created a collection of amazing watches with several sustainable elements as important parts of the watch.

Men's watches and women's watches with solar powered movement

The AWAKE collection consists of different color combinations, and the watches come in both 36 mm and 40 mm size. This makes the watches perfect as both a men’s and women’s watches.

The watches are driven by a solar powered Seiko movement. In full sunlight, the movement is fully charged within just 3 hours, and the power reserve is an astonishing 6 months after a full charge.

This also means you don’t have to change batteries every second year as you would normally do with a quartz movement.

Moreover, the movement does not need any expensive services and it’s also a very accurate movement.

Organic watch dial with solar cells

The watch dial itself is very faithful to the original AWAKE vision and is kept in a simple, organic look that for some people reminds them of the waves and other seaside elements or contour lines from the surrounding landscape.

The dial has a very distinctive absent of element to it, as it has no logo shown. There is also no date field or other text elements to spoil the clean look, that is supported by luminescent indicators and a solar cell beneath the dial, which vaguely reproduces the light collected from the solar cell.

Watch case and watch strap in reusable materials

The watch case is made of recycled steel in the best, surgical quality, and the watch is water resistant to 100 metres, so you don’t have to worry about the everyday use of the watch.

The watch strap is a canvas strap made of recycled plastic bottles collected from different sea areas around the world.

The plastic bottles have been through a decompositioning process to come out in the other end as really fantastic watch bands.

Strong watch glass with a sustainable design

The glass or crystal on the AWAKE watches is K1 - which is hardened and treated mineral glass much stronger than regular mineral glass.

At the same time, the lightly domed glass has been coated with an anti reflex coating.

Glass based on mineral glass is much easier to recycle than sapphire glass.

AWAKE watches became a huge success on Kickstarter

When the AWAKE watches were introduced the first time on Kickstarter, they became an immediate success.

In just one hour they’ve reached the financial goal - and when the campaign ended they had been ‘over-backed’ 15 times - and you definitely understand why!

The founders of the brand - Lilian and Fred - express an honest, real and intense passion far beyond normal standard for this watch, and this is why it was presented in the shop. The idea, concept and quality is just top-notch.

Sustainable fasion watches with free shipping worldwide

You can buy all AWAKE watches with free shipping worldwide - and you also have 100 days of right to return the watch - very unique when it comes to online shopping.

We can offer you that because we want you to feel safe when shopping online - and we know you’ll fall in love with the watch at the moment you unbox it.