Cheap designer watches under €135

In the price range of cheap watches under €135 / $145, you will find cool watches from Garma Watches - as well as some of the modern watches from Copenhagen Watches and the vintage watches from Tycho Brahe Watches.

Just because the watches are cheaper compared to other models, that definitely doesen't mean that they are made in poor quality. With a watch from the assortment of cheap watches, you will get great value for your money.  

The watches come with a leather strap and a stainless steel case. Each design is simple and elegant and is complemented by a wide range of straps.

Cheap designer watches under 135 EURO

At you will find quality watches at great price points – all the way down to €67.

Purchasing a watch from a lower price range does not mean that you should expect lower quality. When a watch is cheaper than usual, it typically means that the design process has been shortened a bit - compared to the more expensive versions. In most cases, the quality is just as great though.

Good quality – still cheap

The watch glass is almost always mineral glass in this price range, while many other watches integrate the more expensive sapphire glass. The strap is simpler too - and there are other similar deviations that typically differentiate the cheaper watches from the expensive ones.
Amongst these watches you'll find Garma Watches - priced at only €67 which makes this a magnificent value-for-money offer.

Today, the quartz movements are made in long-lasting quality. You do not have to worry about errors – or that time does not move correctly so to speak.

Nice straps in several varieties

Among the watches from Copenhagen Watches, you can choose between different delicate leather straps with dials cut out from one big piece of metal - very unique.

This way you are able to customize your cheap watch to suit your taste and style.

Cheap watches under 160 USD free shipping

Although the watches in this category are cheap watches under 160 USD, you will always get free shipping at You even have the opportunity to try out the watch and send it back within 14 days if you regret your purchase.

If you find a watch from our assortment cheaper watches elsewhere, I'll try to match the price if we can. In some cases, this is unfortunately not possible if the competitor has bought a big deal from the distributor. But I’ll do everything we can to match the price.

I’m sure you'll be happy with your purchase at