Borgvardt watches - unique watches

Borgvardt is a new and prominent brand from Denmark. All watches are only produced in a limited number - usually between 30 and 100 copies, making them completely unique.

All watches are numbered - this way you get 'your own watch'. Each piece is assembled by hand and checked thoroughly by local watchmakers before they are put up for sale.

Borgvard's watches are inspired by the Danish West Coast with quality materials and Japanese movement.

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Unique watches in a limited number

All models from Borgvardt are produced in as little as 30-100 copies, which means that each wristwatch is completely unique.

At the back of each watch you will see a unique production number engraved. This way you can be sure that no one else owns the exact same watch as you.

It also means that there is a very limited number of models. At the point when all products are sold out – the production of the specific model stops. After this you’ll have to wait until Lennart – the designer behind Borgvardt – is ready with a new collection.

Inspiration from the west coast

All watches reflect symbols and elements from the west coast of Denmark – an area with stunning nature and weather of strong movement. The sea, the sun, the light and the shadows have been beautifully combined into each watch in the form of quartz, simplistic curves and insight into the watch movement itself. There is no doubt about the fact that Borgvardt is on its rise to be one of Denmark’s successful watch brands.

Handmade quality watches

All watches from Borgvardt are assembled by hand in Japan. The watches are being controlled and checked by Lennart Borgvardt himself before being delivered to customers.

Lennart Borgvardt has designed every single watch while the rest of the production is left to experts in Japan, where watches of very high quality is being produced.

Each watch is delivered in a beautiful box that completes the entire experience of receiving a luxury watch.

Colors and design to suit all tastes

Despite a relatively small amount of watch models, Borgvardt has designed a lot of different watches in a wide range of colors and artistic formats.

With combinations like a white dial and steel frame, black dial and rose gold case, black dial and black case and the classic black dial with a steel case, you are ensured a wide range of options in Borgvardts collections.

Danish entrepreneur and designer

Lennart Borgvardt both designs and finances his collections himself.

The next collection is always financed by the sales from the previous collections, and Bogvardts success in itself helps to ensure that new models are constantly being designed at an appropriate rate. An honest and very Danish approach to things.

Authorized dealer of unique watches from Bogvardt is an authorized dealer of all watches from Borgvardt, and we have a close cooperation and contact with Lennart Bogvardt who passionately presents me his ideas and thoughts about new and upcoming collections.

Like all other brands at, you are assured to receive a watch in a unique design and at the same time having the opportunity to support a small designer business.

We pay all shipping costs - worldwide

When you buy your Danish watch at, you do not have to pay for getting your new watch shipped. If you regret your purchase (which very few do, honestly), you always have the option of returning the watch – within 14 days.

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