Copenhagen Watches - cool & edgy watches

Copenhagen Watches was founded by Mai Johansson, a renowned Danish designer. The brand offers a major jewelry and accessories series with great success - in addition to creating beautiful watches. 

The design of the watches is classic but still very unique. The Danish flag 'Dannebrog', adorns the cool watches that mix the raw, the sporty, the elegant and the 'casual' with an aesthetic and very modern design. The collection includes bold watches in Danish at its best - and it's amazing!

Read the story behind Copenhagen Watches

Copenhagen Watches – Cool watches in bold design

Copenhagen Watches is a new Danish brand that offers some really exciting models combining elegant Nordic design with both raw, international, sporty and edgy elements.

The extremely cool watches are available in three exciting series: Casual, Classic and Sporty. All three series have their own distinctiveness and style - but common to all is the illustration of the Danish flag, which - like the Copenhagen Watches logo - adorns all wristwatches.

Young designer

Behind Copenhagen Watches is Mai Johansson. A young designer who is trained in both design, sales and marketing. She has previously launched her own accessory and jewelry brand - Mai Copenhagen - but with Copenhagen Watches she has gone a step further by creating high-quality watches that has already been successful abroad.

Watches with leather strap, steel bracelets and mesh straps

Whether you are looking for a men’s watch with a leather band, a woman’s watch with mesh strap or perhaps a nice steel case, you will find it in the collections from Copenhagen Watches.

You'll find cool watches for any purpose from Copenhagen Watches - maybe just with the small exception of dive watches.

Buy a Danish designer watch

Small watch brands tend to have a bigger passion for creating something personal and artistic. Copenhagen Watches is a great example of this. The cool watches at from Copenhagen watches are created by designer and entrepreneur Mai Johansson, who have had the desire to present a story through unique design techniques.

When you look at the watches from Copenhagen Watches, we are sure you understand why the brand is expanding.

Alternative watches

The casual series is watches for less than 160 USD / 135 euro. The dial is very interesting to look at - as it is cut out of one large piece of gold or silver-plated steel with texture. Each watch is entirely its own.

The watch is built with a soft strap and a very low weight that makes the watch very comfortable to wear.

Classic watches from Copenhagen Watches are timeless pieces that can be worn on any occasion. There are varieties of black, gold and rose gold – combined with flag motives where the Danish flag is a large part of the dial. You can also choose variants in rose gold, silver, gold and black - all with a sleek, thin mesh strap that can be easily adjusted to your wrist.

Finally, Copenhagen Watches offer a sporty collection with a couple of elegant and sporty watches with chronograph - and a few minimalist watches, with the logo, name and date combined with a pair of fine steel braces.

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