Women's watches from Denmark

Women's watches is found in many different sizes and variations. Previously, wrist watches for women were typically no more than 30-32 mm (case diameter excluding the crown) .

However, today it is completely different, and women can easily wear watches with a diameter of 42 mm, thanks to a shift in female watch fashion. 

I have chosen to set the limit for a woman's watch at 42 mm in this category. Women looking for larger sizes are advised to look under men's watches.

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Big selection of women's watches from Denmark

At authentic.dk you will find a wide selection of women's watches from Denmark – and probably a wristwatch that suits your personal taste too. We provide free worldwide shipping on all watches. You do not have to pay in order to get one or more of our exclusive watches delivered.

Watches designed with love

Whichever watch model you choose to purchase from authentic.dk, you will receive a women's watch designed with huge love and passion for the craft. Behind all of our Danish brands stands designers that wish to tell a story while giving you a chance to buy a unique watch.

A lot of online watch shops sell cheap watches directly designed and imported from China. We provide our customers with Danish watches in incomparable quality and beautiful design. Parts of the watch made be made in Asia, but the watch are quality assured by the Danish brands themselves. You will only find brands at authentic.dk with a story behind – and a passion for creating watch designs to customers, who know what they like and want.

Women's watches in Danish design

At authentic.dk you will almost completely exclusively find Danish watches from the newest brands and designers based in Denmark. The watches have their roots in small companies that wish to deliver Danish watches to design interested customers around the world. We stock women's watches from Denmark that represent confident Danish design as well as implementing exciting details and new trends. authentic.dk is in close cooperation with the brands we provide, ensuring that all watches are well-made.

Women's watches for all occasions

Whether you are looking for a party-friendly watch, an everyday casual watch, an elegant and simple watch or perhaps a wristwatch with a leather strap, you can find it at authentic.dk. As all of the provided brands are new or up-and-coming, you do not risk buying a watch that everyone already owns. Instead you get something completely unique and personal. We provide both traditional and timeless women's watches as well as cool unisex watches that can be worn by anyone. The 1501 series from Norlite or the astronomically beautiful watches from Tycho Brahe Watches are perfect examples of brands who provide unisex and futuristic designer watches.

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You have the opportunity to search for many different types of watches, usingthe search system at the top of the website. This way you don't have to go through a lot of products when you already have an idea of what you want or wish to purchase – regardless of that being a watch in gold, wood, with mesh straps or maybe in a minimalistic design. You can also search by watch type categories.

High qualified customer service

It is not without reason that authentic.dk's Trustpilot and Facebook booms with positive reviews. We find it extremely important that all of our customers feel satisfied and safe both before, during and after they purchase their first women's watch at our website. You are always provided with a 2-year-warranty once you have purchased a watch at authentic.dk.

Free worldwide shipping and price match

When shopping at authentic.dk, you get the best possible service terms. We provide free worldwide shipping of all the watches with absolutely no hidden payment fees or costs. You even get a 14 day cancellation period which is not normally experienced at a physical watch store. Should you find the item cheaper somewhere else, please feel free to contact me. We will try to match the price, so you get as many benefits as possible purchasing at authentic.dk.

Strong Danish quality

Denmark holds an empire of iconic designers thanks to hundreds of years with tradition for creating sleek design and strong quality. Choosing a watch from smaller brands ensures that you will receive a very high-quality piece, where loads of work has been put into creating it. At the same time a lot of passion and dreams is often behind the story of each watch from the collection. The selected watches combine never seen before stylish designs with strong Danish quality.

Larsen Watches – Women's watches from Denmark

It is truly a special sight to witness a brand like Larsen Watches who not only designs watches in Denmark – but also produces them in their mother country in Svendborg. Because of this all the unique watches are made in exceptionally good quality. Every single watch has been through many passionate watchmaker hands. If you can't find the Larsen watch, you're looking for, please feel free to contact me. We am an authorized dealer of Larsen Watches which makes it possible for me to send you the piece you wish to order.

Norlite – simplistic elegance

Norlite's new series, called 1601, holds a range of beautiful and elegant women's watches with a size of 1,25 inches / 32 mm. This is a very traditional and timeless size, well fitted for smaller wrists. Norlites clock face is hand polished. All watches hold scratch-free sapphire glass, which is some of the best quality you can possibly get from wrist watches.

Additional women's watches in beautiful designs

In our wide range of watches, you will also find pieces for women with brands like Copenhagen Watches that provides a variety of elegant watches in rose gold.