Women's gold watches

Whether you're into Goldie Hawn, golden jewelry or simply just love the golden look, your eyes will definitely be satisfied with the collection of women's watches in gold. 

A golden watch is a true classic. It signifies luxurious exclusivity, and the color goes very well with both brown and black leather straps.

You will also find wristwatches in a complete gold look in this category, where beautiful mesh straps in gold have become very popular. 

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Nothing is more timeless than a gold watch. For many reasons, a gold watch or a watch with golden details has been popular for decades, making it a great investment to any wardrobe.

Golden watches with leather straps

At authentic.dk you will find gold watches designed by small Danish brands. A lot of the watches are made with a gold case and a leather strap. The brand Norlite uses beautiful calf leather as a strap in one of their many beautiful watches. The watches are available in several variants of brown shades in the leather strap along with golden details on the dial and case.

If you're a sucker for gold, you should definitely take a look at the hot golden tones Tycho Brahe Watches who offer watches in gold with leather straps too.

Gold case with mesh straps

If you are looking for an 'all gold' look, it is worth taking a look at the selection of gold watches combined with a mesh strap. There are several brands to look at, who offer this stunning combination. Just check out the stunning watches from Copenhagen Watches and Norlite!


Women's gold watches prices

At authentic.dk you can buy a women's watch in gold for just under 162 USD / 135 EUR. The most expensive watch in our selection of women's watches in gold costs less than 483 USD / 403 EUR. The price gap from the cheapest to the most expensive version is not that big. Regardless of your own personal taste, you will definitely find a watch that suits your style and wardrobe. With any purchase, you are ensured a quality watch in Danish design at authentic.dk.

Receive advice on how to choose the right watch

To help you choose the right watch, I've written a number of guides that might help you make a choice - or at least narrow down the range of women's gold watches that suits your taste. You will find guides for choosing the size of the watch, differences in movement types, glass and how to change the strap and battery later on. I've tried to answer everything relevant on these topics through simple guides. if you need more help, please feel free to contact me.

Personally selected watches

authentic.dk is a result of or personal passion for watches and knowledge in online shopping. You will have the opportunity to choose a watch in our online shop, which not a lot of people own – since we have had the opportunity to select small, unique brands.

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