Women's silver watches

A silver steel look is the most traditional and timeless choice, when it comes to women's watches. 

For many generations, the pure silver look has been a sure hit among ladies. Mainly because it works incredibly well in combination with other color details: black or brown leather straps, steel bracelets, mesh straps in silver or even colored dials.

In short, a women's silver watch is is an timeless and classical choice, loved by women all over the world. 

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Silver/steel is a very popular choice, when it comes to choosing a timeless and classic women's watch. One of the reasons why is probably that silver can be combined in thousands of different ways and with lots of materials. A women's watch in silver/steel oozes coolness and elegance.

Popular women's silver watches

Lots of Danish brands are represented in the category of women's silver watches. Amongst other things, you will find:

  • Norlite's women's watches with silver/steel combining mesh straps or leather straps, some of them with a colored dial.
  • Tycho Brahe Watches offer watches designed with a clear inspiration of vintage and classic design elements and in very high quality.

- and a lot of other beautiful Danish watches in silver/steel.

If you are not sure whether you prefer a silver/steel-colored watch with a strap in steel or if the silver/steel-colored watch is to be combined with a leather strap, you should take a look at some of the other exciting brands.


Choose the right silver watch

If you need help in finding the right silver watch, please feel free to contact us. I'll be happy to help you. You can choose to narrow down the field yourself by evaluating your own requirements for a watch asking yourself questions like: am I looking for a simple or more extravagant watch? Do I prefer details over simplicity?

Other things that should be taken into consideration are things like the size of the case, strap material and durability. All are things that can help to sort out the particular look you want to go for. We can help you with that too.

If you need to narrow down your options here, please use the sorting feature on each page. You can easily sort by price, best-selling models or by the manufacturer's name. It may make it easier to find the piece you're looking for between the many women's silver watches.

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