Women's wooden watches

Vejrhøj creates truly unique and maritime-inspired wooden watches. A design that is very rare and hard to find. 

Wooden watches, made for women, can be hard to find. All of Vejrhøj's watches are in a size of 42 mm (diameter of the case), which fits nicely on any female wrist (unless the wrist is very small or petite).

Vejrhøj's watches for women is truly oozing exclusivity and personality.  

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At authentic.dk you will find a wide range of women's wooden watches designed by the Danish brand Vejrhøj. Watches from this brand are completely unisex - made in a size of 40 or 42 mm in case diameter. Unless you have a very small wrist, you can easily wear a watch in this size as a woman.

Exclusive women's wooden watches

Vejrhøj's watch design is a result of an exclusive collaboration between a young entrepreneur with a strong idea and an experienced (and iconic) designer. Janus Aarup and Bo Bonfils are the two gentlemen behind Vejrhøj's Nautic collection.

The two men merged forces, ideas and stunning materials in a series of amazing watches that differ significantly from other brands.

High quality and unique details

Vejrhøj's watches signal quality and exclusivity with details and unique design features such as cases made in wood material. You'll never find two watches from Vejrhøj exactly the same. Once you've purchased a watch from this brand, it becomes your very own unique jewelry.

The wood is combined with scratch-free sapphire glass, a stunning calf leather strap and stainless steel or gold / rose gold details. You get great quality all the way through.

The material selected for Vejrhøj's design ranges from bright maple wood, characteristic zebra wood and dark walnut wood. Combined with details in steel or golden colors, you get a very special design that will definitely receive a lot of attention around you.

A great gift

If you are considering giving a unique watch in Danish design as a gift to someone special, then this category of wooden watches might have what you're searching for. A wooden watch is an ultimate unique gift, which the recipient certainly cannot find anywhere else. You're also very welcome to take a look at one of the many other categories of women's watches at authentic.dk.

Several of authentic.dk's customers have bought a watch as gift. If you have found one of the wooden watches cheaper somewhere else, I will try to match the price as a special offer for you. You can read more about my price match policy here.

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For several years authentic.dk has offered Danish watches in great quality and unique design. Luckily my customers have also noticed this, which is why I only receive positive reviews and feedback on Trustpilot. You can look through authentic.dk's reviews here.

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