Women's watches with leather strap

Women's leather strap watches are undoubtedly among the the best-selling watches worldwide. 

Some people prefer the leather look over a mesh strap. It creates a masculine touch of sophistication and timeless style. Today many women's watches are available in a lot of different variants, where you can choose between leather straps and steel bracelets.

The selection of watches with leather straps is quite big. Typically leather straps are black or shades of brown, so there is definitely something for everyone.

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Leather straps are popular more than ever. At authentic.dk you will find women's watches with leather straps available in countless variants. In other words, you have plenty of choice options if you prefer watches with leather straps over mesh/stainless steel straps, etc. at authentic.dk.

If you're looking for wristwatch with a leather strap, you have a great chance at finding it at authentic.dk. In this specific category, you will find watches with black or brown leather straps and slightly more rare colors like gray and blue. We also offer watch models with and without edge detailing.

Large selection of women's watches with leather straps

If you need to narrow down your options of watches with leather straps, please use the sorting feature on the top of the page. You can easily sort out products by price, best-selling models or by the manufacturer's name. It may make it easier to find the watch you're looking for this way.

A classic black leather strap

The black leather strap is a secure and timeless choice. With a black strap, you can combine the watch with any outfit. A classic leather strap watch has never gone out of fashion or become 'untrendy'.

Norlite offers watches with black leather straps in a simplistic and edgy design. These watches fit into almost any taste.

Tycho Brahe Watches has designed and produced a beautiful range of women's watches with black leather straps. They integrate inspiration from vintage watches and include - as the name suggests - a cool touch from the astronomy world. Tycho Brahe was a world-famous astronomer from Denmark.

Need to change your leather strap?

The color of the watch strap has an important impact on the overall look. Therefore, you can also find models at authentic.dk, where it is possible to change the strap. This way your watch can get a whole new look with a simple strap swap. We have written a guide about how to change the strap (with instructional pictures). It does not require great skill; just a few of tools and a little patience.

Great warranty

When you buy online, you get the exact same warranty as if you had bought it at a watchmaker. We are an authorized dealer of Danish watches. Together with the designers whom we have chosen to cooperate with, we give you full guarantee of the products you find here in the shop.

Remember that you have 2 years warranty once you've purchased a watch at authentic.dk. Please read the terms here. Should you regret your purchase, simply return the watch within 14 days.

Please note that we offer an extended return period during the holidays.