Women's mesh watches

Women's watches that include a mesh bracelet have become increasingly popular. The latest collections from huge designer brands offer a wide range of women's mesh watches in different materials and colors. Just take a look at the many beautiful variants below. 

The mesh strap is an elegant choice compared to the heavier stainless steel bracelet - and a completely different style than the classic leather strap version

Many women's watches get that extra feminine touch when being put together with a mesh strap. 

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A mesh strap on a women's watch is an elegant combination that has become very popular among many brands. This is a represented composition in their latest collections.

The mesh strap is elegant and sophisticated with a practical touch. It is simply one of the easiest models to adjust since it is incredibly easy to customize the size of a mesh strap so that the watch is exactly as tight or loose on your wrist as you prefer.

Different combination options

Lots of women's watches integrate a classic mesh strap. If mesh is your favorite strap type, you will have many options to choose from at authentic.dk. We offer both steel, gold and black tones in women's watches with mesh straps.

You can choose from brands such as:

authentic.dk also offer several other great Danish brands, if you prefer mesh straps.

Hard to choose the right strap?

Steel bracelets are typically the durable, slightly more powerful choices; while a leather strap is the classic choice of strap. The mesh strap is made in a thinner, more flexible material that lasts longer than a leather strap, but typically not as durable as the steel bracelet.

Read a guide on how to change your strap here.

Prices of women's mesh watches

The price points of women's mesh watches start at approximately 194 USD / 161 EUR to around 306 USD / 255 EUR – including free worldwide shipping. Whichever watch you choose, you are ensured great value for your money.

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If you buy a watch online at authentic.dk, you will always get free shipping.

If you find the watch cheaper somewhere else, we will try to match the price for you. Should you not be satisfied with your purchase upon arrival, you can easily return it back to authentic.dk. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions on this.

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