Women's watches with steel bracelets

Wrist watches with stainless steel bracelets are popular choices - especially on smaller wrists. 

A watch witth steel bracelet lasts a few years longer than a classic leather strap version - and just needs to be cleaned occasionally.

Once the strap is adjusted, the watch fits perfectly, and it's easy take the watch off/on. 

In addition to this, the steel bracelet watch has a very exclusive look, whether the color of the bracelet is gold or silver. If you prefer an elegant and exclusive looking watch, then a watch with steel bracelet is definitely the right choice for you!  

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Cool women’s watches with steel bracelets

You find a quality conscious selection of women's watches with steel bracelets at authentic.dk. We offer beautiful watches in a wide range of colors; steel, rose gold and black steel bracelets.

Steel bracelets typically have a longer durability than leather straps. Once the length of the bracelet is adapted to your wrist, the watch is easy to take on and off. You don’t have to try to find a small closure every time.

Women’s black steel bracelet watches

The black steel bracelets are often carbon-coated bracelet, which is a strong and durable solution. The combination of matte and glossy black elements in the steel bracelet creates a cool look without breaking out the black color.

If you prefer an edgy black watch, you should definitely take a look at the brand Larsen Watches. Copenhagen Watches also use steel bracelets in many of their watch designs.

Do you prefer a gold or silver look?

Copenhagen Watches offer beautiful warm toned variants that integrate both shiny and matte elements in rose gold. If you're more into cooler tones you will also find a wide range of classic steel-colored watches with steel bracelets from this brand.

How do I maintain the clean look of a steel bracelet?

A women's watch with a steel bracelet is extremely durable since the strap typically lasts a lot longer than a typical leather version. But it is always recommended to clean the steel bracelet once in a while. After all the strap is going to be close to your skin and is relatively exposed to dirt. To clean the strap, simply use a little warm water and a soft cloth - perhaps supplemented with a toothbrush that can brush the joints of the bracelet. Remember to dry the strap well afterwards to make it look nice, clean and fresh.

Watches in Danish design

We have chosen to focus on Nordic/Danish design, simply because we think there is a lot of talent within watch design in this area of the world. All designers offer unique watches that stand out from the typical 'commercial' design. Therefore you will find unique watches in Danish design in our shop.

How to choose the right watch

In order to help you choose the right watch, we have written several guides.

You can, among other things, find guides to:

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Also, please feel free to contact me if you need help or if you have specific questions about the watch your purchased watch.