Women's Danish design watches

All of the Danish-designed women's watches follow the current watch fashion with minimalistic designs and bigger models.  

It is not unusual to see women's Danish design watches in unisex sizes in our assortment. 

All of our Danish designer watches are completely unique and inspired by nature, surroundings and Nordic history. In our assortment, you will find watches from Borgvardt, Copenhagen WatchesLLARSEN, Norlite and Tycho Brahe Watches

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With a women's watch from authentic.dk in Danish design, it is evident that quality and materials are as great as they get. You can easily find women's watches that stand out in this selection of unique Danish design watches.

The authentic watches in this selection are designed by young design talents and entrepreneurs, partly by well-known Danish designers. You will find everything from the latest design trends to classic simplicity. The selection also include a wide range of practical watches with a high ATM (bar), which basically means that the watches are extremely water resistant. Whatever you prefer, you have a great chance at finding it here.

Specially selected women's Danish design watches

In the selection of women's Danish design watches, you will find beautiful pieces from the quality-conscious creators behind Tycho Brahe Watches who has named their brand after the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe. The brand offers beautiful watch designs with vintage references.

In this selection, you will also find a huge selection of Danish watches from Larsen Watches. The brand produces watches with inspiration from small the Danish island 'Fyn'– specifically the city Svendborg. The look of the watches from this unique brand are both modern, simple and luxurious – all at the same time.

Watches in all shades and sizes

It is no secret that the selection of Danish watches at authentic.dk is quite large. You'll find watches in several sizes, different color combinations, available in different materials: leather straps, mesh straps and steel bracelets.

Today, a watch is often considered a piece of jewelry. The practical function of a watch has been put in the background, as there are watches on every side of the spectrum. A lot of us look at our smartphones if we want to know the time. Nevertheless, it is a great idea to wear a wristwatch in order to avoid smartphone distractions. A watch offers multiple purposes while being a timeless statement piece and jewelry.

You can easily find a unique women's watch that stands out from other classic choices in our selection.

Great customer satisfaction with Danish watches

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