Men's Danish design watches

In recent years, Danish watch design has experienced an increase in popularity. Danish watches are often characterized by a simple design - typically inspired by our nature and surroundings.

You will find men's Danish design watches from brands like Copenhagen Watches, Borgvardt, Larsen Watches and Norlite - all quality brands and designers of watches for men.

I offer men's watches with a leather strap, watches in stainless steel, wooden watches - and definitely a watch that suits your taste too. 

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Men's Danish design watches

At you will find men’s watches in timeless Danish design. The modern Danish design form is well known all over the world, and when it comes to watches, the Scandinavian style of simplistic, classical elements and functionality stands among the key elements.

Several watches are designed by renowned Danish designers, but at we also take pride in finding the new design talents all around Denmark. Whether your taste in men’s fashion circulates around classic simplicity or strong functionality, you have a great chance at finding your next hero in Danish design here at

Danish design watch brands

A watch can be an amazing gift on a special occasion; a birthday, an anniversary or another very special event. At, I’d like to help you select the watch that suits the possible receiver of the wrist watch. We only select brands that live up to high standards in terms of price and quality.

Exclusively selected watches

Among’s watch collection you will find exclusive designs from Borgvardt and Norlite Denmark, who produces watches that match Scandinavian style and quality; as well as several other manufacturers of men’s watches.

Great passion for watches and design

A good watch has become an important part of many men’s attire - almost like a fashion statement that corresponds to the jewelry women normally wear. The owner of – Kenneth Bon Nielsen – has a strong passion for two special men’s watches, which you can read all about here (in Danish).

A lot more men than we think collects watches and wear the ones with important significance on special occasions. There are watches for everyday wear – and watches for festive events – so to speak. Some choose to collect watches in Danish design. A personal watch collection does not really need to be particularly valuable. One can easily be satisfied with owning just one watch. has bids on both watch sides in the Danish design style.

For some people, a watch can be particularly valuable or important if it has been inherited or received on special occasions. Others invest in and collect the very special watches from a monetary point of view.

At, we know men in both groups, but our watches usually appeal to the group who would like to stand out from the crowd a little more by wearing watches with loads of unique personality – without having to invest bigger fortunes. Quality and design has to go together when choosing the perfect watch.