Exclusive wrist watches - over €335

For a price of over €335 / $360, you can buy an exclusive wrist watch in very high quality from Danish brand Borgvardt with an automatic movement. All is 'limited edition', since only few watches have been produced of each model.

Exclusive wrist watches for men and women

In the price tag of 400 USD, you will find timeless and unique watches.

You'll find watches with automatic movement - as well as unique wooden watches that differ from the classic stainless-steel versions.

We sell a lot of watches over 400 USD as gifts at birthday celebrations, anniversaries and special occasions. What we hear from our customers is, that the extremely high-quality and exclusive wrist watches bring great enthusiasm and joy among its receivers.

Treat yourself to a nice watch

Treating yourself to a nice watch can be an amazing and joyful experience. I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised when you receive your exclusive watch, since it’s probably even more beautiful in real life.

Danish design watches

You will find a few variants from Borgvardt with automatic movement, made in a very limited number.

Safe online shopping

When you buy a wristwatch at authentic.dk, you might even be more protected than when shopping in a physical store. We offer a 14 days day return policy – not seen in most physical watch stores. When paying with credit card, the bank will cover your deposit if problems arise.

In addition to the fundamental costumer rights, we have chosen to offer free worldwide shipping on all watches.

You can order the watch from the convenience of your own home, try the watch upon arrival – and return it if you regret your purchase within 14 days.