Simple women's watches

A simple and minimalistic design among women's watches has become increasingly popular throughout the years. 

Every single wrist watch in our collection is completely unique. Whether you're looking for a gold- or silver watch, you will be able to find what you're looking for int he assortment of simple women's watches. 
Simple women's watches are characterized by a stylish design, where the dial is not disturbed by elements or colors. Typically, a simple woman's watch work well at all occasions - both as everyday casual wear and at parties/events. 

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Elegant and simple women's watches

Simple and elegant. These are the hallmarks in this category of simple women's watches. You will not find any unnecessary features like chronographs or difficult closures in any of these watches. Each watch is a completely unique statement jewelry piece.

If you choose to wear a simple watch, you can easily go a little further clothing-wise without it getting over the top or 'too much'. By choosing a classic outfit the watch becomes the natural center. Women's watches have become increasingly bigger among fashion designers, since a lot of women prefer wearing statement pieces. That's why it is an obvious choice to purchase a watch in a large size if you're into fashion trends. Read more about watch sizing and use's size guide for watches here.

Selection of watch straps

We offer different watches with leather and mesh straps. Women's watches from Larsen Watches are a great example of maintaining a simple design through the incorporation of a leather strap. Leather straps are most prevalent in women's watches made in a simple design. offer a wide range of colors in leather too. The colors of the leather range from black and brown to blue colors. If you prefer mesh straps, you can choose between silver, gold and black.

Combination options

The dials in a minimalistic watch are usually white or black. Other color elements in the dials are often reflected in the numbers or hands.

The cases of the watches in this selection are either silver, gold or black. You have a great chance at finding the right combination for you in the wide range of different watches. If you need to narrow down your options here, please use the sorting feature on the page. You can easily search by the watch type that falls into your personal taste.

Simple Scandinavian watches

A simple and minimalistic watch design never goes out of fashion. That is why's selection focuses on Danish design, characterized by simplicity and clean lines. It is the same exact simplicity that Danish design is known for in general. You will find small Danish designers in the selection of simple women's watches too, who combine the best of Scandinavian design culture and modern trends.

Keeping it simple

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