Simple watches for men

Men's watches were simple, small and minimalistic back in the 50's and 60's. Today, they're at least as simple, timeless and stylish - but they have grown in size.

A man's watch typically measures +38 mm (case diamater) in current watch fashion. It has become an accessory - and no longer just a tool to show you the time.

In the assortment, you will find a great selection of men's watches - in both gold and silver. A simple man's watch can be worn on all occasions. 

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Simple watches for men who wants everything

Watches that show what time it is in the simplest and most elegant way - that's what you will find in this category. has selected beautiful watches in minimalistic designs, primarily from Danish designers.

What does a simple watch cost?

The price of a great Danish designer’s watch at ranges from approximately 95 USD / 80 euro to just under 316 USD / 270 euro. You get great value for money at

Simplistic elegance

Many watches in this collection are characterized by a fairly simple look. Often, indicators - or lines - are used instead of numbers on the dial. And in most cases the dial is kept in a classic black or white color.

The strap is available as a classic leather strap, steel strap and mesh strap. We also offer simple watches with nato-straps. Some watches also have date display, but the design of the simple watches for men is usually tight and focuses on the clock's immediate function: to show what time it is while offering an elegant and classic look as an accessory.

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Keeping it simple

We like to keep things simple. Therefore, there we provide absolutely free worldwide shipping on your new watch. You do not have to think about paying for huge delivery fees.

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Buying a watch as a gift

Several of the customers have bought a watch as a gift. If you also consider buying a watch as a gift for a loved one, you should definitely check out the selection of men's watches. You'll find the simple watches for men here. There are several categories to look through at if you would like to see a wider range of watches. We do what we can to match the price you find on the watch on other sites. Read more about's price match here.