Garma Watches - modern watches

With a Garma watch you'll get a really nice, modern and stylish watch at a very good price.

The Garma watches are characterized by their timeless, minimalistic and nordic design with easy-to-read dials and a look you can use both at school, work and for party events.

The quality of the watches matches more expensive brands, and you'll get both a solid, Japanese quartz movement from Miyota as well as a 2 year warranty directly from Garma Watches.

The brand is founded in 2017 by some young, Danish entrepreneurs who really wanted to create a watch for young people - a watch that represented a huge value for money.

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Garma watches - modern watches

Garma Watches is a new, Danish watch brand founded in 2017 by Fazel Majed. Fazel owned a webshop where he sold watches, but he missed a simple and modern watch with a bit more edge, standing out from the other typical fashion watches amongst men's watches and women's watches - and with a price that would really make customers look one more time.

'All-in' with a new Danish watch brand

Fazel sold his webshop and founded Garma Watches with some friends. It took them a year until they reached their final design and production quality. Their first collection was names with Japanese inspiration of simple, well-done things.

Cheap watches in good quality

You rarely see watches around € 70 with a watch case in stainless steel, a Japanse movement from Miyota and 2 years warranty from the brand itself - but this is actually what you get when bying a Garma watch.

The strap is real leather (or mesh), and the crystal glass is solid mineral glass, so you really get a great watch at a low price - no matter if you are in the market for a watch for men or watch for women.

One size fits all

The watches are 38 mm wide which is a size that fits both men and women. The case height is 9 mm - a bit more than other brands in the fashion industry, but this really adds to the characteristical look of the watch.

Garma plans to launch a dedicated women's watch with the same design but with a smaller watch case - and they do have many other great ideas and thougths at the Garma office.

Simple watches

Garme Watches never had the intention to reinvent the watch or create a brand new way to design watches. 

They simple want to deliver a timeless, modern watch in a good quality at an affordable price - pure and simple.

They succeced! Their watches have already become quite popular amonst Danish instagram profiles and bloggers.

Authorized dealer of genuine Garma watches is proud to be an authorized dealer of all models from Garma Watches. Ths mean you can be sure to receive a genuine Garma watch, when you order at The watch comes in a nice box and is quality controlled by Garma themselves.

Garma offers a 2 year warranty if anything should happen with the movement - something you don't normally see on watches in the price range.

Free shipping worldwide

When you buy a Garma watch at, you are qualified for free shipping worldwide. And free of charge - you also get first class customer service :)