Men's watches from Denmark

Back in 'the old days' men's watches measured around 30-35 mm in diameter (case).

Today the watches have literally grown, and men's watches usually move from the mid-thirties and up to over 50 mm in diameter.

Men with narrow wrists usually wear watches in sizes up to 44 mm, which is the average measurements of man's watch. Men with larger wrists can easily carry bigger watches. 

In our assortment you will finde sizes of men's watches, ranging from 38 mm and upwards. If you wish to purchase a smaller watch, simply look under our category women's watches - since a lot of these watches are unisex. 

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Danish designed men's watches

No matter the type of watch you're looking for, you have a great chance at finding your ideal watch at We always provide free worldwide shipping, because of our belief that not one of our customers should have to pay in order to get first class service.

A passion for Men's watch design

Common to all watches at is that they are designed and produced by people who genuinely love their craft. Their strong passion for creating men's watches shows through great material choices making the quality as strong and unbreakable as possible. All watches are personally tested and quality-assured by the brands themselves. This way you are ensured to receive an amazing product.

You will not find any 'copied' watches from Chinese companies at - all Danish brands make their own quality assurance and testing of the watches even though parts of the watch may be made in Asia.

The quality, passion and history present in a watch is extremely important for the watch to be sold at We believe that our watches should represent more than just design and quality. This is why we do not offer a lot of big brands. We believe that passion thrives in smaller companies with big dreams and visions.

New men's watches from Denmark

We are specialised in selling new watches from the newest or up-and-coming Danish brands. By focusing on Danish brands alone, it is possible for us to obtain a lot of knowledge about Danish design watches and at the same time being in close cooperation with Danish watch designers.

Men's watches for any occasion

At you will find Men's watches suited for any occasion or situation. In the broad collection, you will find everything from party watches to more casual and sporty watches. We also provide a lot of unique Men's watches from Denmark that are not seen everywhere. It is now – more than ever – possible to find the perfect watch than can be worn as if it was a personalized piece of jewellery. All of the watches are categorized so that it's easy to find watches with watches with leather straps, gold or silver look men's watches, minimalistic watches, watches with steel braces and many more options at

Danish quality at its finest

When you choose to purchase a men's watch at, you support new entrepreneurs and designers, who have great passion for creating the perfect watches. Denmark has a very rich and well-known history of design. We provide Danish quality watches that will make everyone around you notice your unique wrist piece.

Price match and free worldwide shipping

A very important part of shopping online is to feel safe. When you buy at, you will be provided with the best price and treatment possible. Should you find one of the watches cheaper somewhere else, we will try to match the price. At the same time, you will get free shipping on all items. We always ensure that you feel satisfied and safe both delivery- and choice wise. All data is processed through a secure system throughout the purchase experience at

Great customer service

First class customer service is a given part of purchasing a men's watch at We answer any request within a few hours by e-mail and take complaints with a smile. Should you not be satisfied with your watch or do you experience problems within the two-year complaint period, you are always welcome to contact me – and we will quickly sort things out for you.

Vintage watches

Back in the old days, men's watches were not very big - typically around 1,4 inches/36 mm in radius. Today this old type of watch design is recreated with popular vintage watches that have gotten slightly bigger. You will find a big range of vintage inspired Men's watches from Tycho Brahe Watches here at

Sustainable watches

We provide watches from a very special, French brand - AWAKE Watches. They make sustainable watches and use recycled materials such as stainless steel and plastic bottles and fishing nets! They make a very nice, organic design that is driven by a solar powered movement for you to avoid the hassle with changing batteries.

US inspiration with New York Incredibles

Another fascinating brand is New York Incredibles, who makes men's watches with chronographs. They are based in Holland but inspired by New York which is clearly visible in their high quality watches.

Men's watches from Norlite

Norlite Denmark designs and produces extremely elegant watches in high quality. With a price range starting at 250 US dollars you get a great watch with a genuine leather strap, scratch-free sapphire glass and a trendy minimalistic design. The people behind Norlite have been in the watch industry for many years and know how to make a wristwatch that fits any watch enthusiast's taste.

Unique watches from Borgvardt

Borgvardt watches are characterized by a nice design and very limited production number. Each model is produced in a maximum of 100 copies, and all men's watches are numbered with an individual number on the backside, making each and every watch very unique. The design was created with inspiration from the Danish west coast's striking nature, where lights and shadows, waves and winds as well as unique nature contribute to the foundation of the Borgvardt design.

Vintage watches from Tycho Brahe Watches

Asbjørn Mejlvang is the designer behind the stunning watches from Tycho Brahe Watches. Inspired by the Danish well-known physicist Tycho Brahe, he and the team behind the new Danish brand have created some heavenly beautiful watches where arched glass and astronomical elements on the dial frame creates a very unique watch that definitely needs to be experienced in real life.

Danish produced watches from LLARSEN Watches

It is quite unique that offers a watch that is both designed, produced and tested in Denmark. But that is exactly the case with the brand Larsen Watches, who offers high quality men's watches from Denmark at a price where everyone can join. is the official dealer of wrist watches from Larsen Watches.

Watches with unique frames from Copenhagen Watches

Mai from Copenhagen Watches has composed a really nice collection, where the Danish flag ”Dannebrog” stands as the key inspiration and element behind all watches. They ooze elegance, holding special features like a little edge surrounding the frame of the watch.