Men's gold watches

If you're a sucker for Goldfinger or fascinated with 'the golden ratio', then this collection of golden men's watch will definitely be something for you.

A gold watch is an incredibly elegant choice - both as a dress watch for the big event or casual everyday wear. Gold works very well with a leather or gold-colored mesh strap. 

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Men's gold watches

Gold is a huge part of the eternally classic watch design. With a men's gold watch, you will receive a timeless piece that can be worn on any occasion. A gold watch is a great gift as it symbolizes exclusivity and memoir. Young men of certain generations may have received a gold watch as a graduation or student gift. In some companies, the gold watch has been gifted to people as a 25-year service mark. Gold can also symbolize the passage of time as well as why time is so valuable.

Today, the classic symbolism in a watch of gold or a watch with golden details still is valid.

'All gold' watches

Watches with golden details are far more widespread now than 'all gold' watches. If you're looking for a watch with a full gold look, you should definitely take a look at Copenhagen Watches' classic gold watch. This specific design has a beautiful 'gold on gold' look.

Norlite also offer watches with an all gold look in different sizes.

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Great customer service is always a top priority at Our goal is to give all our costumers exactly what they want. This applies to any circumstance – whether the watch is a gift to yourself or a special someone.

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Men's gold watches with golden details

If you're more into a watch with gold details, the selection is pretty big. Many of the watches at have gold details to a greater or lesser extent in different combinations. 

You should definitely check out the selection of Tycho Brahe Watches if you're into gold details.

Note that you can choose to filter the selection of watches in the individual category. If you're just looking for a watch in gold alone or a watch with a leather strap, mesh strap etc., you can easily find them in the categories above. If you have a specific budget, we recommend you to try sorting the selection by price.

Straps in classic materials

Most often, the designers have chosen black or white dials for men's gold watches. The straps usually integrate classic colors and materials too - many in black or brown leather. However, you will also find mesh straps among the golden men's watches at