Men's colorful watches

Our collection of men's watches include a wide range of colors with the gold and silver look in combination with dials and hands in simple colors. 

Color contrasts have become increasingly popular among designers to incorporate in men's watches. Men actually tend to prefer a little color in order to wear less conservative items. Vibrant colors can create a great twist in any classic watch. 

You will find both casual and party watches to match with your favorite outfit in this assortment. 

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Watches with colors have gained a lot of interest throughout the years among watch enthusiasts. A lot more men choose to wear a watch with - for example - a colored dial, a strap in a strong color or perhaps switching the strap to a more colorful alternative.

Blue dial watches

Blue dials have become increasingly popular in a short space of time. Maybe because it's a way to show a sense of fashion without standing out too much. Many people choose to keep the strap in classic black and brown colors when the dial is colorful.

You can also choose a blue-on-blue look with a watch such as ChrisCopenhagens 'Botanical Garden / Nyboder' model, where the dial is a beautiful blue color and the strap is blue crocodile leather. Note that the case of this model is available in two different sizes and case widths.

Which watch brands offer men's colorful watches?

If you're looking for a colorful watch, you should definitely take a look at ChrisCopenhagen. The brand offer watches named after important destinations in Copenhagen. The blue tones that are prevalent in ChrisCopenhagens design are absolutely stunning.

Norlite and Larsen Watches are also represented with watch designs in the more colorful part of the design scale.

A colorful strap?

Most watches allow you to change the watch strap, giving you the opportunity to embellish your watch by simply buying one or more colorful straps. generally offer more watches with leather straps. However, there are also some other options among the selection, where you can change the strap to a more colorful alternative. Read more about how to change your strap here.'s selection of watches is a webshop that reflects a personal interest in mechanics, beautiful design and watches combined with a professional interest in online shopping. With's watch shop, I give you the opportunity to buy a watch that is impossible to find in a physical store.

I have chosen to focus on Danish designers – mainly because of the high-quality standards and exclusive Nordic design they offer. Trends from Danish design appeals to a lot of customers worldwide.

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