Men's watches with leather strap

Whether you prefer men's watches with a stainless steel bracelet - or leather strap watches - you'll find a great selection here in this category.

Men's leather strap watches includes classic watches in a wide range of colors and types. By choosing a watch strap that matches your personal style, you're able to purchase a watch that fits perfectly into your own wardrobe. 

Find a selection of watches with leather straps in different shades of black or brown. 

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Cool men's watches with leather strap

Men's leather strap watches can be used by all men on any occasion – whether that be as everyday use or on festive occasions. The colors of a leather strap are usually brown or black. But at you will also find other shades - such as gray and blue - in the selection of watches with leather straps for men.

The leather strap watch is a safe choice. You can always choose to change your leather strap to get a new color scheme between your watch and strap.

Brown leather straps

Danish brand Norlite is highly represented among the men's watches with brown leather straps. Their design is very classic and simple: both the numbers on the dial, the case and the strap is made in a minimalistic and androgynist look.


The classic black leather strap

The black leather strap is used in many of the Danish brands' designs. Tycho Brahe Watches includes black leather straps on several of their watch models for men.

Likewise, a brand like Larsen Watches also like to combine a personal design with a classic leather strap.

Large selection of men's leather strap watches

At, you will find a large selection of leather strap watches. There are several colors to choose from since leather is a comfortable material to wear around the wrist. However, a leather strap may become worn and you may also want to change the color of your leather strap to get a new color scheme between the watch and the strap. That's why I've made a guide to you on how to change the strap yourself.

It takes a little handcraft ability, a simple piece of tools that you can typically find at home in the toolbox or kitchen tray and then a little patience to change the strap.

Costumer service and guides is a result of my personal passion for watches combined with a professional interest in online shopping. We give you the opportunity to buy a unique watch that is hard to find anywhere else - at physical watch stores.

A watch is also a great gift on the occasion of a birthday, anniversary or Christmas. We would gladly like to help you find the right watch among's men's watches with a leather strap.

We have written several guides that might help you choose your next watch. You will find guides on watch straps, case sizes, general sizing and more here.