Men's mesh watches

Men's watches with mesh straps are the current new thing amongst watch designers. 

If you are not into watches with stainless steel bracelet straps or watches with leather straps, then a wristwatch with a mesh strap might be the right choice for you. 

The mesh strap is usually made of steel - but thinner than a regular steel bracelet - and it's easier to adjust the length.

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Mesh straps for men's watches has gained a lot of attention lately. Mainly because of the fact that mesh straps can be adjusted to any wrist size without effort.

In comparison with the steel bracelet, a mesh strap is usually thinner. Many prefer the mesh strap due to the easy fit of the strap length. Find a big selections of men's mesh watches in this category!

Different mesh colors

At you get a variety of color options for your strap from different watch brands. Did you know that silver/steel doesn't necessarily mean silver look or 'steel color'? There are several other options. For example, at, we have black mesh straps, mesh straps in gold and rose gold or the classic color: steel.

Advantages of mesh straps

A mesh strap is typically made in steel. This means that it is durable, but not as heavy or masculine as a steel bracelet. A mesh strap watch is the perfect gift since it can be easily adjusted in length.

Brands offering men's mesh watches

Copenhagen Watches often use mesh straps in their watch design. It is up to you whether you prefer to have a leather strap or a mesh strap attached to your watch.


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