Men's watches with steel bracelet

When the numbers fall on large watch classics from well-known brands, many of them are traditionally made with steel bracelets.

The strong stainless steel bracelet is very masculine, while it typically lasts longer than a leather strap.

Several wristwatches here in the shop are available as either a leather strap or steel bracelet variant - you decide for yourself - see all men's watches at

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Watches with steel bracelets are great examples of great quality and design. A steel bracelet typically lasts longer than a leather strap.

Did you know that a steel bracelet does not have to be steel colored? There are other options and colors to choose from. Just take a look at’s selection of men’s watches with steel bracelets!

Stylish men's watches with steel bracelets

Larsen Watches has several watches with durable steel bracelets in an elegant and strong design. Here you can get what is often regarded as the classic watch of stainless steel - safe, simple and durable.

Remember that you can easily change the steel bracelet on your watch yourself. Read more about how to change your strap.

Black steel bracelets

Several of the designers at offer black watches with black steel bracelets. Just take a look at the Larsen Watches Alexander model with a matte carbon coated steel bracelet – an extremely stylish watch without the traditional 'steel hook'.

Buy a steel bracelet watch

At you will find a wide range of watches with either a steel bracelet or a leather strap. The steel bracelet look is quite masculine – but can easily be worn by women who prefer the durability of a steel bracelet.

New York Incredibles watches may be one of the best examples on a fantastic looking men's watch with bracelet - at a very fair price.

Danish design

At I'm looking for new design talents all over Denmark. Several of the watches in the shop are designed by or in collaboration with well-known Danish designers. Whether you prefer classical simplicity or the latest fashion trends within watches, you can get your next men's watch in Danish design here at

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