Larsen Watches - watches made in Denmark

Larsen Watches is a brand from Denmark based on Danish design traditions - a true Made in Denmark.

Larsen Watches is a very special brand as they work with all areas; they design, develop and produce the watches in a historic Danish city - called Svendborg. All watches are of very high quality and with scratch-proof sapphire glass. 

Please note: I do not have all Larsen Watches models shown in the shop, but I have full access to all collections, so if you're in need of anything special, just let me know.

Read the story behind Larsen Watches

Watches made in Denmark

It is very rare to encounter a watch that is as close to 100% 'Made in Denmark' as the brand ‘Larsen Watches’ provide its customers.

Larsen Watches designs, manufactures and collects their watches in Svendborg, Denmark, with quality parts and materials, they’ve ordered from all over the world.

Not only are the watches designed in Denmark - the whole process of producing the watch is also completed in Denmark. Larsen watches is a true equivalent to Danish design and craft tradition.

Modern wrist watches

The main characteristic of all watches from Larsen Watches is a simplistic design that features personal and unique details.

The style is completely modern - a very desirable feature that is well sought after internationally. Larsen Watches has something very special and unique to offer while including modern features from current fashion.

I offer a wide range of selected pieces from Larsen watches in both steel, gold, rose gold and silver. If you wish to order a product from Larsen Watches that you’re not able to find at the website, please feel free to contact me.

Larsen Watches - offering men's and women's watches

Larsen Watches designs and produces men's watches and women's watches - as well as unisex watches that can be used by both men and women.

The sizes of the watches range from about 30 mm - to the larger men's watches of about 45 mm in diameter.

Quality from the inside and out

The production process behind Larsen Watches is very extensive. The brand represents typical Danish perfectionism and quality. All watches and parts are tested in Larsen's facilities in Svendborg. The brand is also one of the few companies that holds a dedicated panel to test each watch in great detail.

All watches made in Denmark from Larsen Watches integrate scratch-proof sapphire glass, which is the second-best watch glass type (besides the really expensive crystal glass types).

Free shipping on all watches from Larsen Watches

As with all other watches at, you get your new Larsen Watches piece delivered for free once you’ve purchased your order.

This basically means that you can order the watch, experience it in real life and evaluate whether you’re happy with it. If not, simply contact me and return the watch. You have to pay for the return yourself at your nearest post office. If something is wrong with the watch, I will of course provide you with a free return label. To me, this is an entirely natural part of basic level service when shopping online.

Authorized dealer of Larsen Watches is an authorized dealer of Larsen Watches which means that we are in close cooperation with the amazing brand. If you can’t seem to find the watch you’re looking for in our selection, please feel free to contact us – and we will make sure to order the watch to you directly from Larsen Watches.