Nordgreen watches - support a good case

Nordgreen watches is a new, Danish brand who went to market with a collection of watches designed by Jakob Wagner who has a record with big brands like Bang & Olufsen, Muuto and many more.

When you buy a men's watch or women's watch from Nordgreen, you're actively supporting a good case. Pick one of the three selected cases yourself by using the unique serial number on the watch and a simple online system.

The watches represent Danish design very well - they are simple, stylish and elegant. All watches come with a Japanese movement, genuine leather straps, a slick watch case and sizes that fit both men and women.

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Danish watches supporting a good case

Nordgreen watches has made the shopping experience when buying a watch very special. When you buy a Nordgreen watch your actually support a good case.

You can choose yourself which case to support: clean water for a human being in Africa for two months, preservation of 200 m2 rain forest in Latin America or two months of education for a child in India.

When you buy a men's watch or women's watch it has a unique serial number. You enter it online and then you’ve made your effort for a better world - that’s Danish CSR at it’s best!

Watches in minimalistic design

It’s the well-known Danish designer Jakob Wagner, who has designed the Nordgreen watches. Jakob has a record with many great brands as lead designer - naming just a few: Bang & Olufsen, Muuto and Alessi.

The watches have a typical nordic and minimalistic design, and the goal for Nordgreen has been to create and design a watch that is ‘functional, simple and unique’ - and a watch you’ll enjoy to wear, can read the clock and at the same time have an elegant watch design for a very reasonable price around € 200.

Nordgreen and their successful Kickstarter campaign

When you look at the very successful Kickstarter campaign, you notice that the design and thoughts behind the Nordgreen project were very compelling to many people. The Kickstarter campaign raised around € 200,000.

People from all over the world supported the fashionable designed watch and the good cause, and with a big and dedicated full time employed team behind Nordgreen - this is really a brand that’s in the business for real.

The Danish design tradition

A big inspiration in the design of the Nordgreen watches comes from the classic, Danish designers such as Wegner and Arne Jacobsen. Their success carried the Danish design into this century with a reputation of stylish, minimalistic design combined with high quality - and these words also count for the Nordgreen brand.

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Japanese movement and genuine leather strap

All watches from Nordgreen come with genuine leather straps and a Japanese movement from Miyota. The straps are easy interchangeable without the use of any tools, and the watches come in different sizes - so you can be sure to find one that fits you too.