Norlite ure - elegant watches

Norlite Denmark was established in 2015 by two Danish watch-enthusiasts with a very clear purpose: to create a minimalistic and simple watch in a modern and fashionable design - the NOR1501 model.

Scratch-free sapphire glass, hand-polished cases and calf leather or mesh straps are just some of the great things about the very elegant Norlite watches.

Read the story behind Norlite

Norlite – a world of high quality watches

Norlite was founded by the Danish brothers Søren and Thomas, based on many years of experience in the watch industry.

Their watches are simple and elegant with beautiful, detail-oriented features you might not see at first glance.

Some of the models hold beautifully faceted dials, where a strong frame gives a wonderful and vibrant look to the watch.

Norlite integrates scratch-proof sapphire glass on all watches, which is a very rare thing in watches at price points around 220 USD / 185 euro.

Authentic and functional watches for everyday use

One of Norlite’s selling points is creating wristwatches that can withstand a lot of use. High quality materials have been used all the way through each watch. The two brothers know the industry well enough to exclude poor quality completely.

Norlite's design is both minimalistic, elegant and 100% functional – all at the same time. Their simple design appeals to a lot of people who are looking for a watch that can be used both for everyday - and festive occasions.

Elegant watches in women's and men's sizes

Norlite offer two models – each for one gender. The women’s watch has a diameter of 32 mm – a size that works very well for most women.

Their men's watch model is 40 mm, which is actually a size that can be characterized as 'unisex'. This means that both men and women can carry the watch without problems – apart from women/men with very small wrists.

A humble approach to the market

Norlite is a very humble brand when it comes to selling their elegant watches, telling their customers the following statement; 'The quality of each watch has to sell itself'.

They always listen to customers and collaborators, when they receive thoughts and input on their watches. Their many years of experience means that quality, design and durability are being kept at a very high level.

Great price point

You cannot find many watches of the same high quality and with the same elegance in the price range in which Norlite’s watch models are located.

The prices starts from 220 USD / 185 euro, which includes both a sewed calf leather strap, high-quality sapphire glass, hand-polished cases and quartz movement from Japanese Mioyta, known to deliver great quality watches.

Free worldwide shipping

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