Women's black watches

Black watches have always been popular. There is almost something mythical about them. Black women's watches are both stylish and elegant but at the same time hugely masculine and 'raw'. 

The watch collection is almost 100% black, but there may also be some tiny color variations in the dials. 

Black wrist watches for women are something that can be used all year around. Black never goes out of fashion.

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Women's black watches have become increasingly popular over the years.

Just like a 'little black dress', a black watch goes with absolutely everything. This is why this new watch style has become a recent classic choice among fashionable women.

Cool women's black watches

Black watches at authentic.dk are characterized by black strap, case and dial. The prominent color elements in the watches include hands and numbers. How prominent the black watch should look depends a lot on your wrist size. Do you prefer the watch to be small and petite or large on your wrist?

Popular brands offering women's black watches

Norlite is one of the brands that has made several models in black. With this specific brand, you get great value for your for money – as all Norlite watches only cost around 225 USD / 188 EUR. You can choose whether you prefer the watch to have a diameter of 32 mm or a unisex size of 40 mm in diameter.

Several other brands at authentic.dk offer black women's watches. It's simply about the art of choosing the right one - or maybe buying more than one!

Classic black look

Many women are fond of black clothes. The next big thing in fashion is currently black watches. However, that does not mean a black watch is a boring choice. Just let your personal taste shine through with your own choice of watch material and case size. This way any black watch can become a strong personal fashion statement. You can always complement the black look of the watch with colorful clothes or other accessories like shoes and bags in more colorful alternatives, if you prefer a lighter look.

A great gift

Choosing the right watch as gift can be difficult. That is why we would love to help you choose the right model for you or a special someone. We will carefully listen to the input you give us before giving you the options. Who is going to wear the watch? How is the watch going to be used? Are there any special wishes or preferences to be taken into consideration? Last but not least we will of course choose a model that fits into your budget!

If you find the black watch you wish to give away as a present - but still feel a little unsure whether it falls 100% in the recipient's taste - remember that authentic.dk gives you the opportunity to return the package. As with any other online store, you get 2 years of warranty with any purchased product too.