Black men's watches

There has always been a great demand for black men's watches.

A black man's watch is a true classic that creates a very clean look, which is simple yet very interesting at the same time. Even in black a watch can show a lot of detail.

You will find both black watches with leather straps and black watches with stainless steel bracelets - and probably also a black watch that suits your style.

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A classic choice

What a timeless 'little black dress' is for a lot of women is exactly what a 'classic black watch' is to the stylish man. The simplistic design of a black watch never goes out of fashion – just like a classic black dress. At you will find agreat selection of men's black watches for men in many different variants.

Men's black watches

A black watch suits the fashionable person who wants to stand out without breaking the norms completely in a classic and timeless design. The black watch fits absolutely everything without distinguishing itself too much through understated elegance. Whether you're a huge James Bond fan or if you just prefer an edgy look, the black watch is definitely the right choice for you.

Big selection of different watch straps

Men's black watches are distinctive and elegant. The selection includes products with leather straps, mesh straps and steel straps. You can also choose a watch with a beautiful stainless steel strap from Larsen Watches that can complete any look.

If you have questions about the different types of watch straps, please read my watch straps guide – or feel free to contact me. I strive to give my costumers the best possible advice.

What case size should I choose?

Black watch cases can range from very simple to a more prominent design. The diameter of the case is typically 40 mm to 53 mm. Should you have any doubt about the size of your watch, please check out's watch size guide. Here you'll find an image guide where you can see how the different watch sizes fit on a woman's and a man's wrist.

The perfect gift

If you find the black watch you wish to give away as a present - but still feel a little unsure whether it falls 100% in the recipient's taste - remember that always offer the possibility of returning the package. You also have 2 years of warranty like with any other item you buy online.

I take great pride in giving honest advice based on the input you give me about your potential order: analyzing the possible taste of the recipient, how it should be used – and whether special hobbies should be taken into consideration. Last but not least I will of course make sure the watch matches your budget!

Black cases and dials

The watches you find in the black watch category integrate stainless steel cases. The black look comes from a thin layer of black color-coating, which creates a strong black surface. You can read more about the cases in the mini-guide here.

You can also read more about the difference in the quality of the stainless steel variants – and how the quality and design of the stainless steel most often express the overall quality of the watch.

Should you be tempted to change the strap on your black watch, I have made a mini-guide for you about exactly that. You can easily change the look of your watch with a new strap!