Men's sports watches

A sporty man's watch typically contains more details and either a chronograph or other extra features.

Extri has made some really nice and sporty watches for men that stands out with their big cases and silicone straps for active, sports-related use.

Larsen Watches has also designet a couple of sporty and yet elegant watches that are very popular. 

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Sporty watches for men

A sports watch typically integrates a large case that can last a long time. At, you will find sporty watches for men - suitable for diving, sports or physical activity. In other words, you'll find watches for the demanding everyday life in this category.

A sporty watch is often a watch with a slightly larger case. It includes more features rather than just showing what time it is. Several of the variants in's sporty selection also have a chronograph. The chronograph holds a practical function in relation to timing, but it also adds something exclusive to the overall design. You can read more about chronographs here.

Choose a durable strap for your sporty watch

When it comes to men's sports watches, it is a must that both the case and watch strap are durable and the strap easy to change. In several of the watches at, the strap can be changed to a silicone strap making the watch suitable for sweaty use.

Do you dream of a watch that is wearable while diving or taking a swim? In that case it is important to know what the watch can hold in relation to water resistancy. That basically implies how many ATM the watch can withstand. Read more about what ATM means here. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact me. I offer free advice on choosing the right sports watch for you.

Popular men's sports watches at

Some of the biggest watches are made by the brand Extri. They are characterized by large cases with chronographs and are even water resistant up to 10 ATM. They all include a leather strap as well as a silicone strap. With Extris sporty men's watches you both get a nice leather strap and a durable silicone strap. You can therefore use the watch on any occasion - for sports, a demanding everyday life or at a party. There are very few models from Extri left in stock.

If you are into the slightly more casual design in relation to Extris models, then check out Larsen Watches' sporty models. Larsen Watches has also designed a really nice deluxe sporty watch for the person that values great quality and exclusivity above all. 

At you will also find other brands that offer great sports watches.

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