Tycho Brahe Watches - Vintage watches

Tycho Brahe Watches is a new Danish brand, where inspiration is derived from the 1950s. Named after the famous astronomer Tycho Brahes, the watches offer amazing detailed dials and dark universe-based colors.  

Nice vintage watches with leather or mesh straps, made for both men and women.  

The Tycho Brahe Watches is really value for money.

Read the story behind Tycho Brahe Watches

Vintage watches with an astronomical force

Tycho Brahe Watches is one of the brand-new stars in the sky of watch designers. Kasper and Jens - two East Jutland-based creators behind the company - were inspired by the vintage style of the 1950s and 1960s when they launched their first collection Nova Stella.

With details and elements from the world-renowned Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe, they have designed a great collection of vintage watches that embrace style, elegance and inspiration.

Beautifully designed with a historical touch

Asbjørn Mejlvang is the designer behind the Tycho Brahe Watches in collaboration with Kasper and Jens, and it is clear to see the greatness of the watches that combines beautiful, slightly curved mineral glasses with a 'heavenly' touch in a stylish vintage case with features from the astronomical world. All of this is united with a stunning brand logo in the watch - inspired by Tycho Brahe's old dissertations.

Find your next watch from Tycho Brahe Watches

Whether you prefer gold or silver, a black or brown strap or black/white dial, you can find your ideal combination in the Nova Stella collection, featuring 42mm wristwatches. Thanks to the simplistic details of the watches and unisex sizes, they can be used as both a watch for men and watch for women.

If you are in doubt about your size, you can always read authentic.dk’s watch size guide here.

You can also choose Tyche Brahe Watches models with mesh straps, which is a thin and flexible steel band, that is easy to adjust.

Tycho Brahe and the anecdotes

At first Kasper and Jens wanted to name their company after the previous king of Denmark, Christian X. But since the royal house of Denmark has all the rights to use the king's name, another name had to come to their minds. They quickly thought of Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe and the legacy he left behind of world changing discoveries. It was suddenly an obvious - and much more exciting choice than Christian X.

According to history, Tycho Brahe had a psychic dwarf who advised him during his most complex studies. It is also said that Tycho Brahe had a house moose that one day was made so drunk, that it accidentally collapsed down a staircase and died. True story.

Authorized dealer of Tycho Brahe Watches

authentic.dk was among the first to be allowed to sell the watches from Tycho Brahe Watches, and it's a pleasure every single time we have to pack their perfectly made vintage watches.

All watches are delivered in a nice little box with a small card from the owners themselves. The watch shows many more details and elements in real life than what photos ever could possibly do.

Safety guarantee and free worldwide shipping

A safety guarantee means that you can try the wristwatch at home. You have 14 days to evaluate whether you want to keep it (no one has chosen the opposite upon arrival of a Tycho Brahe Watch).

If the watch is not your style, please contact us and you are free to return it within 14 days from receipt.