Unique women's watches

If you are looking for unique women's watches that differs from the crowd of classic watches - you have come to the right place.

Danish brand Vejrhøj offers beautiful wooden wristwatches - that can be worn as unique watches for both men and women.  

Borgvardt produces watches in a limited number - between 30-100 per model. You get a completely unique watch with its own serial number, when purchasing this watch.

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The most beautiful & unique women's watches

In this category, you will find unique women's watches in Danish design that any fashion-conscious woman would like. All watches in this category are very special with a beautiful radiance and design quality.

Carefully selected brands

With a Borgvardt watch you get exclusivity and quality – all wrapped in a beautiful, unique watch. All Borgvard watches are available in a limited number. A maximum of 100 copies have been produced per model - and in some cases only 30 has been made. Borgvardts watches are hand-assembled and quality checked by a watchmaker before they are put up for sale. If you are a lover of details, you should definitely check out Borgvardts watches.

Vejrhøj's unique watches are an absolute favorite at authentic.dk among costumers. The special design elements make these watches very hard to find at any watchmaker or jewelry store. Vejrhøjs NAUTIC collection are a result of a unique collaboration between a young entrepreneur, Janus Aarup, who, along with the established designer, Bo Bonfils, has designed these masterpieces. It's a beautiful design based on the idea of incorporating maritime wood details and modern minimalism. And since the grains in the wood naturally hold unique patterns, you can be sure that neither of Vejrhøj's clocks will be identical. Vejrhøj is a great choice for the watch enthusiast who values quality and unique design

Danish women's watches

Danish watch brands like Borgvardt and Vejrhøj represent a strong focus on quality and details. The Danish design is evident in the unique women's watches of both designers. Nothing is redundant. The practical function of the watches is unambiguous while oozing timeless elegance at the same time. With a watch from one of these brands you get solemn quality that will be admired - and probably looked at by envious people around you.

Unique women's watches at a great price point

The prices of authentic.dk's unique women's watches start around approx. 194 USD / 161 EUR ending at 452 USD / 376 EUR. You do not have to doubt the quality of these watches. I guarantee that the watches are designed and made exactly as they should be - and that you get great value for your money when purchasing a watch form a brand like Borgvardt or Vejrhøj.

If you find the same unique women's watch for a better price somewhere else, please let me know. I would like to match the price if I can in any way. Read more about my price match policy here.

Watch gifts for that special someone

If you wish to purchase a watch at authentic.dk to a special someone, you should definitely take a look at this category of unique watches. Here you have the opportunity to buy a unique watch online; a watch you rarely find in any physical store anywhere in the world.

A watch from this selection is also a very unique gift for Christmas, birthday, anniversary or if you know someone who deserves a new watch. You always get free shipping and price match at authentic.dk. I would love to help you choose the right model for you or a special someone.