Unique men's watches

Danish brand Borgvardt has created extremely unique men's watches in a limited number of 30 and 100 copies per model. Each wristwatch has its own ID number.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and express your own sense of style, you'll find your answer right here.

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At authentic.dk you'll find a collection of unique watches - characterized by unique materials and exclusive quality. In this category, you have a great chance at finding the perfect gift for the very special occasion. The gift of a unique watch will bring great joy and memories to look back on.


Borgvardt's unique men's watches

Borgvardts unique men's watches for men are made in a limited number. Each watch is numbered with a unique ID and is therefore only available in a limited number of copies. You are therefore guaranteed a unique watch purchasing a piece from Borgvardt.

Several of Borgvardt's watch models are characterized by an automatic movement. Customers who have purchased these models have been very satisfied with the watches and provided service at authentic.dk. Read the five star reviews here and take a look at the stunning watches here.

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With authentic.dk's selection of unique men's watches, you're ensured to find a watch that stands out from the crowd. Borgvardt's watches speak to the quality conscious buyer who prefers cool design over mass production. We have selected watches where you get great quality for the price.

A unique gift

If you're looking for a watch to give away as a gift, you have a great chance at finding what you're looking for in this selection, where the unique men's watches are gathered. You are welcome to take a look into authentic.dk's other categories too. All watches are designed by Danish brands with reasonable prices compared to the quality you get in the watch.

Unique service at authentic.dk

At authentic.dk we have combined our personal passion for watches with our professional interest in online shopping. We would like to give you the opportunity to buy a unique watch online that you won't find in any physical store. A watch from this selection is a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas - or just because. We offer free worldwide shipping on all watches – and we would very much like to give you our advice on the right watch for you or the recipient.

Feel free to read our guides on choosing the right size, the right watch strap, case and more.