Top quality designer watches from €200 - €335

Among the watches in the price range of €200 - €335 / $220 - $360, you will find both Danish and international brands.

You will find Danish watches Copenhagen Watches, LLARSEN and the sustainable watches from AWAKE Watches.

Whether you prefer watches with leather straps or a stainless steel bracelet, you will find a nice selection in this price range of high quality watches. 

For under 400 USD you get top quality designer watches

In the price range of 240 to 400 USD, you will find stunningly beautiful and unique watches of high quality.

Perhaps you wish to treat yourself with a new watch - or maybe you're looking for a gift for a special someone, a jubilee or a graduate student?

Large selection of high quality watches

At, you will find loads of stunning Danish top quality designer watches in the price range around 320 USD. When you buy a watch on, you get a special watch that is not owned by a lot of people.

I only sell watches from up-and-coming, smaller brands, where there is a great passion and history behind. All watches at are from Danish brands, each of which has submitted their own thoughts and ideas through the unique design. Common to all is an amazingly high quality.

Buy Danish watches in high quality

When you buy a Danish designed wrist watch at, you get a simplistic piece – that's wearable on all occasions. At the same time, you’re actually supporting small entrepreneurs and designers who have chosen to dedicate a large amount of their time to design, manufacture and produce watches for you.

You can easily search for your next man's watch or woman's watch at with our smart search function – or by brand.

Watches between 240-400 USD

In the price range from 240 - 400 USD you will find the astronomically inspired watches from Tycho Brahe Watches, Danish designed and produced watches from Larsen Watches and stunning watches with tweed straps from Northern Legacy.

You’ll also find beautiful watches from Copenhagen Watches.