Vejrhøj watches - authentic wooden watches

Vejrhøj watches features Bo Bonfils, a world renowned designer from Denmark, that has created designs inspired by the maritime universe and the unique structures that only authentic wood can offer.

The watches are made in high quality with scratch-resistant sapphire glass and a beautiful leather strap.

The amazing thing about the Vejrhøj watches is, each one is different. Every single watch is unique. 

Read the story behind Vejrhøj

Unique wooden watches from Vejrhøj

The watches from Vejrhøj are completely unique. They are all made in materials by a combination of wood and steel.

Bo Bonfils, who has previously designed for Georg Jensen, has worked with Janus Aarup with the design of the Vejrhøj watches, inspired by the maritime universe that plays a major role in the lives of both designers.

If you think you can see inspiration from old ships or compasses when you look at Vejrhøj watches, you're absolutely right. All watches are based upon the idea of creating something antique while supplying it with a modern twist.

No two clocks are the same

Since the watch cases are partly made of wood, not two are the same. The tree oars and structures of the wooden case are completely unique from watch case to watch case which means that you get a watch that no one else has.

Different types of wood

Various types of wood have been used for the different watch models. Most of the watches are of dark walnut wood, but you will also find models made of stunning zebra or maple tree.

The walnut model is darker while the maple tree has a lighter tone. The zebra wooden case has its own composition. Whether you prefer a light variant with a steel look, a mixed variant with a gold look or one of the many beautiful darker walnut variants with either the dark gray, bright or gold-colored elements, you will undoubtedly find a watch that will impress both yourself and the people around you.

High quality and delicious details

All watches from Vejrhøj have a nice leather strap. It looks like the band goes right through the clock case, which is an incredibly beautiful and modern detail.

The watch is covered with scratch-proof sapphire glass - the toughest glass type next to the diamond. It's definitely a watch that can withstand being used – a lot.

Free shipping - even if you regret your purchase

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You don’t have to pay for shipping once you have purchased your new watch.

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Vejrhøj - A Danish success

The beautiful, unisex watches from Vejrhøj – that can be worn by both men and women – is truly a new Danish success. is one of the few authorized distributors of Vejrhøj in Denmark. Should you have any questions - or are you in need of guidance on buying a watch, please do not hesitate to send me an email.