Wolf & Noble ure - simple watches at a low price point

Wolf & Noble is a new Danish designer brand based in Copenhagen.

The watches are simple and minimalistic - with a slim profile and a wide selection of straps - always at a great price. 

Inspired by Danish furniture design, the watches are made very elegantly and simplistic, which appeals to a lot of people who love Scandinavian design.

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Inexpensive Danish simple watches

Wolf & Noble is a new Danish brand, offering watches that circulates around timeless and classic Danish design.

The watches are designed in an elegant yet very simple design that matches other big brands in both quality and look.

Wolf & Nobles watches can be used as both men's watches and women’s watches, with a size of 40 mm. This is viewed as a neoclassical unisex size.

Cheap designer watches

Wolf & Nobles offer watches at great price points - compared to the outstanding quality and design. With prices under 160 USD / 135 euro, this is definitely a great brand for people looking for cheap designer watches.

At authentic.dk, cheap designer watches are defined, when quality and experience of the watch exceeds the price. This is definitely the case with Wolf & Noble, where you get a nice watch for very little money - including shipping.

Classic and colorful variants

Wolf & Noble have both made some colorful watches with green and blue dials or variants with multicolored features. They also offer more classic models with a white dial, steel case and a black leather strap.

The stylish design appeals to many, and compared to more expensive brands, you get elegance and quality at a much lower price point.

Free shipping on all watches

At authentic.dk you will get free shipping when ordering a watch from Wolf & Noble. If you regret your purchase (which very few do, honestly), you always have the option of returning the watch – within 14 days.

Get your watch price matched!

If you find a watch from Wolf & Noble cheaper somewhere else, I will match the price if I can. There may be competitors who have bought a huge stock, making it possible to sell the watches at a much cheaper price - that I can’t always match unfortunately. However, I will try my best to offer you the best price on watches from Wolf & Noble.

A wristwatch for all occasions

With a height of only 8 mm, you can definitely wear the Wolf & Noble watch on almost all occasions. It can easily slip under the shirt or stand as a strong fashion statement among other people. In short, you get amazing value for money.

Japanese watch with leather strap

All watches from Wolf & Noble are equipped with a quartz-based movement from Japan – a country known for making very good quality watches. The watch movement is powered by a Sony battery that usually lasts 2-3 years.

The belts are incore chains that are organically colored so that they retain their original color for as long as possible.

The back of the case is made of stainless steel, and all the clocks come with mineral glass. The watch is places in a nice box, making it great as a gift.

The functionality is kept very simple with a clean display of hours, minutes and seconds. If you prefer simplicity, this watch is a great choice for you.