Black Friday - support a good cause

Black Friday 2019 is very special at

  1. For every watch sold I'll donate 20% to the National Autism Society
  2. Black Friday lasts Friday-Saturday-Sunday (November 29 to December 1)
  3. You set a side your own discount in favor of those who really need support

National Autism Society

Why can't I get the discount myself?

A lot of us have a good life. We're healthy and live a great live mostly without any other challenges than those we can only blame us self to create.

We have a 10 years old son - Bertil. He is diagnosed with atypic autism and a sleeping disorder. This means that our entire life - and that's every single day - is planned and structured in the smallest details.

The days look alike - all changes are difficult to handle, holidays are 'abnormal days', regular pedagogy work, upbringing and education have no effect - and all three of us at home is marked by the lack of sleep in the last 10 years.

People with autism have a lifelong disability. So far noone has found an effective to solve the core challenges of the autistic brain.

Around 1% of the population would be diagnosed with autism - and this is a rising figure as we're getting better to diagnose the disability.

That's why I've chosen that 20% of the revenue (without tax) in the weekend days of week 48, 2019 will be donated to the National Autism Sociey.

Bertil og far

My son Bertil and me

Why such a strange way do to Black Friday?

Black Friday has gone from a being a single day with good offers to (at least within some business) becoming a month long activity in the entire month of November.

Very simply - this means three things:

  1. People buy way too much - overspending
  2. A lot of sales are 'cramped' into a short period giving longer shipping and handling times and a worse customer experience
  3. My profits are very low - but your expectation in terms of customer service, rights to return and the shopping experience itselfs is as high as ever.

Why only 20%?

To many people, Black Friday is about saving as much money as possible (but spending a lot more than anticipated!).

Typically I hear '15% discount? Well I can always get that'. People expect to get an even higher discount every year - but with a service and a product and experience that is top notch.

As a very small webshop I don't have the muscles to buy my watches at low enough prices to offer the discounts, you expect.

If I just sell my watches without any profit, my shop will not exist a year from now as my fixed expenses to run the business are not lower (if anything they are higher) around November and December.

What do I do now?

It's quite simple: You just by your watch as you would do any other day. Then I'll donate the 20% to the National Autism Society - and then you've really made a difference for both my son and the many other people out there with a lifelong disability.