Buy a microbrand watch with a story behind is not just a webshop selling watches.

To us it's important that the watches carry a history - and that the people behind the brands have a passion shining through.

All brands in the shop have something in common: The people behind have spent a lot of time and energy making a fantastic design that truely reflects the passion and thoughts that are special for each individual designer and brand founder.


Vejrhøj watches

Watch: Vejrhøj The GUN

Microbrand watches - from people with passion

All the brands in the shop are microbrands from people with a passion - and we have a close cooperation with all the entrepreneurs behind the brands. We help each other and share common norms for great design, high quality and a special customer experience.

There are no big venture fonds behind the brands in our shop and no high-volume mass manufacturing fashion brands. On the other hand you'll get your share of 'heart and soul' from the designers - in all aspects of the watch from manufacturing, story telling and until you have the watch in your hand.

Tycho Brahe Watches

Watch: Tycho Brahe Watches - Nova Stella


Create history - buy a unique microbrand watch

You won't find many other watch webshops where you have access to special details about the founder of the different brands.

We bet you didn't know that VEJRHØJ was created because Janus (the founder) was doing his master thesis around Danish design tradition and was hooked on usingwood as an active part of the design - and then created his watch collection Nautic?

Or the fact that Borgvardt designs his watches in his appartment while working full time as a furniture sales man in Esbjerg?

Kasper from Tycho Brahe Watches love vintage watches and plays handball in the lower Danish sub-leagues - and Mai from Copenhagen Watches got her design inspiration from travelling around the world. She was even invited to the wedding of her manufacturer in India! And we could keep telling stories....

These are human beings - just like you and me - who have created their own, individual brands and designs to form and tell their story and bringing Danish design to people all over the world.

Do you want to be part of history?

Go grab a microbrand watch :)


Best regards,
(sorry that the video below is only in Danish :)